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What should I write in an email response to a job posting on Craigslist?

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I found a posting on the site for a Lot Attendant at a car dealership and I would like to apply for it. The details are very vague in the description of the job; it just says some of what I'd be doing and to email a resume. I have the resume attached to the email, but I don't know what I should write in the message. I figure it should be short, quick, and straight to the point while making a good first impression. This is what I have so far (saved as draft) "Hello, My name is Eric xxxxxxxx, and I'm sending this email in regards to your ad placed on craigslist for the available lot attendant position. I am very interested in applying

That's all I've got, as I have it (except the x's I did that for privacy)

Thank you :)