Why women want to go to the army?

I dont understand to be honest nobody wants to go to the army. What do you think?

Answer #1

1, thought to progress. Main can let you have a good world outlook and values. (the real point is to make sure you are quick to return after you will consider how to live. After all the place is education thought is given priority to place. 2, make progress. If you’ve been through you before the way of thinking. The article the absolute isn’t suitable for you. I’m sure that 99% when the soldiers back all know how important it is to study the… Society is very cruel. 3, character. Introverted become outgoing, outgoing become introverted… The good become bad guys, bad guys become good man… A certain degree of change… Spoken parts in an opera is particieboard no matter what metal thrown into the melting pot recasting, come out after referred to as the “metal”. 4, work. Get a look, will act, know your priorities, responsibility distribution. Of course if after coming out, or a learnt, that obviously this article also impossible. 5, body function enhancement. 6, endurance. The obvious enhancement!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you still go to the toilet… Other aspects you absolutely can endure!!!!!!!!!! Almost can call you “ninja”!!!!! 7, record of formal schooling. If you the opportunity. Can test a degree. Forces bound easily. 8, political affiliation. You look at mixed… Mix the good, the party member easily.

Answer #2

People actually do want to go to the army. If no body wanted to go, then they would have to draft people again.

Answer #3

The same reason men do, to protect their country.

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