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How do you guys feel about modeling in a bikini for an art class?

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So at college today I saw an ad for an art class at the community college that's looking for models to pose in front of a class for 2 and a half hours so they can draw you. It's $10 an hour for clothed and $20 for nude (I'm doing clothed of course). I called the lady and she asked me if I was comfortable wearing a bikini so the students can learn bone structure. I think it would be fine, but my mom is scared because she feels that there could be a bunch of weirdos in the class just taking it because they heard there would be nude models. Cameras are not allowed in the class and the doors are locked after class begins so no one comes in. What do you guys think? It's only on Mondays and Wednesdays for a couple hours. I've been applying for A LOT of jobs but I haven't gotten any replies yet...