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Sunshine hcg injection shot

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Should I get that Cervical Cancer shot?

Should I be worried about the whole cervical cancer thing? I mean would it be wiser to wait a couple years and see all the side effects to the shot for cervical cancer. Or should I just try the shot and see the results for myself?


Can you take power naps while on energy shots?

Will that even be possible actually? I took a 5 hour energy shot and I need to let my laptop cool down for a sec. This is when I normally power nap, but now I don't know if I can :(


Staying still for shots

I am getting like 3 shots tommarow and the doctor said I HAVE to stay still for these for some reason. do you no what the hospital can do to like make me stay still? I am nervous something will happen cause theres no way I will stay still


How to relax while getting shots?

Okay I freak out when I get shots, and I hate them so much they hurt I am getting a tetanus shot tommarow and I am freaking out what is the best way to relax? Where do you get it? And.. What is calming that I can do? Please help I am freking out thanks...

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depo shot.(pregnant?)

okay I was on the depo shot for a year. and my last one was on december 1st 2008.
does anyone know how long it takes for it to get completly out ov yur system?
how long will it take for me to get pregnant?

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What would happen if a non-diabetic took a shot of insulin ?

My aunt is a diabetic, & i'm just curious of what would happen. Could it kill you ? Brain damage, heart problems, whaaaaaa ?


How does the depo shot make you gain weight (Read description)?

I know that the depo shot makes 1 in 4 women gain weight, but how does it do that? By increasing cravings and making you hungry, or just gaining weight seemingly by magic?
Does anyone have any information about the depo shot or any personal experience...


can the flu shot kill me?

im very tiny...slim and slinder and after reading about you can die or get really sick like the girl who can only walk scares me!!! please help!!!


Does the depo provera shot cause weight gain?

As well, does it cause your period to be lighter? Also do you have other recommendations? ones that don't require everyday pills and such for someone who is very forgetful and often forgets medication.


What's in MMR shots?

Ok well im doing a project on MMR vaccines

and theres one thing that I cant find

what are MMR jabs made from (whats in it)

does anyone no any website that tell me ?



Cervical cancer injection

Hi, erm I'm meant to be having the cervical cancer injection the 1st of 3 tomorrow. I know this sounds silly but im so scared I have a major injection phobia. I was just wondering who else has had these, and how did it go?

Thank youu :)


Does the Flu Shots cause Stomach Viruses?

There have been a lot of stomach viruses going around at my work and I find it strangely coincidental that this is the same time as the flu shots went around. Does the Flu Shot contain any stomach viruses or viruses that could affect the stomach? I h...


Does the Depo shot stop you from having kids forever?

can taking the depo shot keep mi gurl from havin kids in the future? mi chick friend said that it messes up ur reproductive system and causes a girl not to be able to have this true?


I am on the depo-prevera shot can I get pregnant?

I dont have periods because of the depo shot and me and my boyfriend have unprotected intercourse. Latley I've been really tired and I have had lower back pains and what feel like twitches in my stomach.

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Bith control shot

Hi yes on july.7 I got an abortion done..then the next week I got the debpo as birth control..can anybody tell me when you get debpo..when does your period come..becuase im wondering...


What are some good ways to not get these symptoms after shots?

So I react to shots all the time:( tomorrow I'm getting another set of my hpv shots and I'm scared. I'm not scared if there gonna hurt, but because I react.Usallay I get all nausheas, headache, dizzy, blackout, sweaty and I've feinteda few times. Is th...


Why did I throw up from one shot?

So I am a huge alcoholic.. But last night for some reason I barely had one shot and I puked ... I don't know why my body jsut rejected it!! I dont understand what happened.. Some people say its because im pregnant.. But I highly doubt it


How long does it take prednisone shot to work on poison ivy rash?

I got the shot two days ago and still have yet to see results. How long does it take? I mean I got the shot and im on prednisone pill medication also for six days. I am entering my third day. Will I see results soon?


Carry Insuline Injection to KSA

I am required to travel KSA fron India/UAE for Business. I am a Dibetic Patiant. Shall I carry Insuline Injection with me.

Medicine kit includes: Automatic Pen Type Syringe, Niddles, Insuline cartage.

With regards
U. C. Dalela


Contraceptive injection

I'm looking for a type of contraception that won't change my moods, I've taken the pill and been on the patch.. Both worked but made me unbarable to be around with my constant temper. Does anyone know if the injection does the same? And is it bad for m...


How far along am I if my HCG Level is 80?

Hi I was woundering if someone could help me. I went to the ER on saturday and they told me my HCG levels were 80. I was woundering how far along am I exactly I tried looking at a chart but I just don't understand them. So if anyone could explain to me...


got the depo shot for the first time three months ago

Ok so I got the depo shot for the first time three months ago, I would like to know if its true what I've been told. I've been told that the first 20-30 days you are on the depo shot for the first time its not affective. If you know if this is true or ...


Depo shots and periods

I only ever got one depo shot on 1/27/09 and never went back to get another one because I hated how it made me feel. I still have not gotten a period yet. is this common or should I check every month to make sure I'm not pregnant??? help


Does getting a shot in the pits for over active swet glands hurt?

I admit that I sweat like a freaking pig! haha.
on my hands, feet and of course arm pits. but its only my hands that sweat at a track meet,
so I was wondering does getting a shot in the pits for over active sweat glands hurt??
because I...


Depo injection

I had my first depo injection a while ago and have been on my period for 4 weeks running now.. I know peoples bodys are different but should I get off of it or wait for the next one to see.. Im going on holiday in january and dont want to be bleeding t...


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