How Can I Find Ways To Stop Cutting Myself?

Answer #1

find your happy place

Answer #2
  1. Therapy.
  2. Tell people close to you about it so it’s not a “shameful secret,” and seek their moral support. Then turn to them when you feel like cutting.
  3. Find other, less self-destructive things to do instead when you feel the urge to cut.
  4. Pay close attention to the times when that urge first arises, and learn to recognize what brings it on. Try to avoid those situations. Try also to catch yourself at the first flicker of that feeling coming on, before you’re caught in it, so you can redirect your attention to something else.
  5. Some form of meditation or prayer (whichever you prefer) can be a good way to redirect your attention, to cope with the urge when it strikes, and to help settle your inner turmoil and make you less vulnerable to it.
  6. Talk to Katherine Rose on FA, who has had some encouraging experience with this problem.
  7. Join a support group in your locale or online for people trying to recover from cutting.
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