How long do burn scars last?

Like, if you have a 1st degree burn, will you loose pigment if you're pale?
Ughhh I can't word this but how bad does the burn have to be to leave you scarred and if so, what color would the scar be?

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I have a burn mark since I was about 2 years old that I got from an iron. Not sure what degree it was but it's darker than my complexion. I don't think first degree burns can actually do much harm to you so it'll probably take more than that.

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First degree burns usually don't scar for most people anyways because first degree burns are only burns on the first layer of the skin so redness, itchiness, slight swelling but no real serious damage. Most people do get scarring from second or third degree burns though the scarring can go away with time depending on the seriousness of the burn and by the individual's body. Its pigment, again depends on the burn and the person. All in all though, yes it is possible to get scarring from a first degree burn because some people just scar very easily but not very likely nor as common.

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If it was bad enough to scar it would probably turn a pinky-purple if you're pale.

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it all depends on your skin type and how easily you scar. Some scabs and cuts can go away quickly, some burns can last forever. It really all matters on how well you take care of it and how your unique biology reacts to getting hurt

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I had a long iron burn on my inner forearm for about 2 years until it faded =].

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First degree burns wouldn't cause scarring, that'd be pretty much a bad sunburn. Some second degree burns can scar but it depends on how bad it is.
Everyone scars different colors. For me personally it depends on where on my body my scars are. In general though my scars are darker then the rest of my body =)

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