Legs are so sore. can hardly walk.

I can hardly walk, its like limping when I am walking. Its very very sore to walk. I feel like my legs are about to drop off. One of my legs is worse then the other leg, I feel like I have bruised my leg but I cannot see the bruise so I think that its on the inside of my leg. This all started happening when I got home from my friends party on Saturday night. They are still very sore and My legs keep giving way and I keep grabbing the wall or furniture to keep me up. Today is Monday and I'm still very sore.
Mum thinks its because I don't do much exercise and I'm just sore from walking around and shit on Saturday. But I'm starting to think maybe its something else because its been a few days now. Please give me some advice!? I just want this pain to go away or to know what is going on with them.

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It's probably because you're out of shape. That happens to me after I go running. I've been sore for 3 or 5 days before.

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