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Am i pregnant? Please immediate answers

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Okay on october 19th me and my boyfriend were fooling around and he put on a condom and he was kind of rubbing his penis against my vagina and he went in ONCE. Then he took it out less than a second later. HE NEVER EJACULATED. I got my period on the 28th… I’m not pregnant right? LOL sorry guys please excuse me being paranoid. I’m just anxiously awaiting my next period… it’s just that I’ve been having gas lately and I’m a little bloated but then I know I have a problem with going to the bathroom so I’m always like ’‘full’’ ... like I’d go to ’‘use’’ the bathroom every four days so that’s prob why I’m bloated and I’ve always had this prob but I don’t know… by the way that was our FIRST TIME doing anything like that… also I’ve been having a lot of clear discharge as of lately… is this an indicator of a oncoming period… please don’t all me stupid I’m just trying to calm my fears and STRESS