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Why does my right wrist sweat sometimes?

For as long as I can remember my right wrist has been prone to sweat at random and id really like to know why. I dont know anyone else with the same problem, and everyone else thinks its very strange, my boyfriend and my family are the only ones who do...


What damage can be done if you dislocate your wrist and don't go to the doctor straight away?

Its been 2 weeks since I dislocated my wrist nd whenever I use it, it's painful on the scale of 7/10 sometimes 9/10. I need help going to A&E soon but I wana know if anyone knows the possibilities of the damage I've caused.


wrist pain

I went to my doctor thursday complaning with my wrist a hurting and all she did was wrap it up and say it must be sprained she didnt even x-ray it and it hurts so much more than it did it wont quit swelling and my fingers and hand go num and it looks l...


Why did my scars turn white?

So far this weekend everyday I've been outside on a boat. I put some tanning lotion stuff on my lower legs because they never seem to tan. They got a lil bit of sunburn on them. But what I thought was odd was the fact that my scars turned white instead...


I have a scar on my face, and i believe people stare at it

Ok i have a scar on my face, i mean it isnt that bad but when i see people atring at me i feel like shit. it makes me feel like im ugly and i need help really bad how can i make this scar go away with out Get plastic /s? I really hate it and im16 and i...


What's this bump on my wrist?

I have this small bump on my wrist. When you press it, it goes into my wirst, then comes back out again. I've had it for a long time.

For a few months my wrist has been hurting. A few minutes on the computer or a few minutes of writing and it hurts ex...


Why is my wrist vein blue and has dots on it ?

Me and my friend have just come back froma house party and im obviasly not proper drunk, but I have been drinking. I've noticed that my right wrist has a slight bruise with some "blood dots" on it. I think its the vein, not sure. I did get really angr...


Scar tissue please answer

Ok so about 5 months ago I cut open my upper lip b swinging something around, it got infected and I guess theres scar tissue from it, cant see it but its in the lip, had it checked to make sure but it hasnt changed..or gone away does scar tissue go awa...


Scar Tissue on belly piercing?

I got my belly pierced 4-22-08. on the top hole, it is a bit redish purpulish. but you cant really see it if you look at. I know its there because its mine. I read around and I think its called scar tissue, b ut im not exactly sure what that is. can s...


Why don't i feel emotionally scarred?

This is probably the most stupid question you guys have read, but basically I was raped last week, and im in shock but i dont feel like frightend or disgusted or upset etc... is there a reason? will all these feelings come later on? I dont even cry whe...


What would happen to my scar on my stomach if I were to ever have a baby?

I have a 7 inch scar down the middle of my stomach from an operation i had 2 years ago, what would happen to it if i were to ever have a baby? after it stretches would it ever shrink back to normal? also if you have any tried and trusted methods for ge...


How do I hide cuts when I am being checked

I'm 13 years old and on 6 medications for mood disorders depression anxiety and insomnia im now being checked for self harm if I don't cut I am going to fuking die of sadness so there's that and im in counseling but it doesn't help my parents are alway...


Why is my scar from getting stitches hurting?

It keeps stinging. If you need to know how I got it..My cat attacked my feet while I was walking, I tripped, and landed with the corner of a metal heater in my arm. It keeps stinging, almost a burning/tingly feeling. And its kinda scratchy. Any ideas?...


Keloid Scars

my friend had surgery on her shoulder about two years ago, and now she has a keloid scar. for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a raised scar that is somewhat hard...and trust b e told it sorta looks finger shaped...

she is so self consci...


scars! help me im serious!

how to get rid of scars fast! like at least by june?
I want them to be gone before the prom I tried mederma didnt work I tried bio-oil too slowish and I tried cocoa buttter and tried putting makeup on them but nothing works

heres somethings you may n...


Why do I feel a bump on my wrist?

My wrist has been hurting for the past few days so finally I was feeling around and noticed I felt this bump. I remember I've had this before and I went to the doctor for this years ago. The doctor said it was harmless and that back in the day people w...


Home remedies for a popped wrist?

Okay Well Today I Went SkateBoarding With My
Friend Jasmine && Her Boyfriend
& Well Im Not Really Good Lol
I Was Trying To Do Some Trick On The Ramp
Like I Was On Top Of The Ramp & I Dropped In
& Well I Fell...
&& I Hit My Shoulder HARD!!!Lol


hiding my body....

this MAY sound kind of weird, but lately my breasts are starting to grow bigger[but not so big that it is really obvious] and im a late 'bloomer'. when i wear t-shirts, i have been trying to hide my breasts, e.g. wearing a singlet top over my bra, it s...


Why am I waking up with scars on my arms and hands?

Ok so the day that I was going to the fair I woke up withg a f on my left hand on the top (a scratch), the other day I woke up with a single scratch on my left hand going from the top to the palm around me thumb and to day I wake up and there is a ba...


C-section scar pain

So I've been having this really bad pain here lately around the area where my c-section scar is - it's been about 5 months now since I had the c-section && I hadn't had any problems with it at all until now && lately I've also been having these pains i...


Girls, depression and hiding behind liquor

Whenever I get depressed or have a bad day, when I get home I just start pounding vodka, right out of the bottle. but I only have one reason to be depressed. my job is awsome, I couldn't ask for better family and friends. but I havn't had a girlfrie...


Hands, arms and wrists.

I get the feeling that I need to stretch my fingers all the time now. I'm a 14 yr old boy and I thought maybe this would be to do with the fact that my hands are just growing? (I'm pretty tall for my age). I often bend my fingers back till I hear that ...


How can I hide my eating disorder better?

Hiya everyone can yoo please reply I dont know what to do , I made the mistake of tellng my mum I think that I had a problem with food. I eat in front of her so she doesnt get suspicious I say to her dont cook me any dinner ill have something at school...


Really bad wrist.

Alright, so I am an artist as well as a musician and a writer, so I use my wrists and hands A LOT. I have always had rather weak and small bones, so it’s no surprise that I already have carpel tunnel and problems with my right wrist.

It has always be...


is it bad to hide depression

ok so I looked up the sytoms there are like 13 I have like 10
-I dont drink or do drugs
-im not suicidul
-im not quiet
any way I think im depressed im always sad and wanna cry
my dad and mo split when I was ten
my 6 yr old and I cnt see each other an...


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