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Bronzer scar

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What are these little red bumps on my penis?

I ve noticed these little red bumps on my penis and freaked out. I called the only two people I ve been with in the last year and they have been tested and cleared of any std.
it seeme to speading slowly. im young and scarred that have some kind of hp...


What are some good books that deal with life struggles through depression, self harm or some sort of mental disorder(bipolar, bulimia anorexia ect)?

I have read the book scars which was absolutely amazing and so heart wrenching but I loved it. Anything similar to that would be much apperciate.


How do you treat inner thigh acne?

How do you treat inner thigh acne? I get a lot of inverted pimples in my thight and due to my light pigmentation, the pimples leave scars that dont heal. I've thought as far as the extreme measures of skin grafting and realized that the inner thigh is ...


Liposuction is still very painful

I just got liposuction on my belly over a week ago and it still hurts.
The doc claims the scar tissue needs a while to settle in before you can return to normal. Do you know of any remedy to elevate the pain and heal the tissue?
It feels like a knife ...


Gross problems with my legs

Okay. So I am having these gross problems with my legs. I keep getting these big red pimple things and when I pop them there is white ooze that comes out of them and the ooze stinks. After they been popped and all the ooze is out, it starts bleeding an...


Self harm problem

I'm not trying to get attention
I just need help I need to stop my addiction
I have a self- mutilating problem and it been a month I've been cutting a lot
I think the scars could be infected =[
I put some neosoprin to stop the reddness

I need help p...


Inflamation doesnot stop!

Ok so I went to my doctors about these bumps I kept getting on my legs, my doctor told me it was an inflamation of hair follicles. She then gave me fuscilin cream to use on it. It does help get rid of them, but only the ones that are there, how can I s...


Anxiety? Im not sure.

I pick at my arms a lot and they bleed.
Im not a tweak, haha. But I'm worried that they will start to scar.
I think that I do this because of anxiety.
Or something.
Can someone relate?
Or let me know whats up?
P.s. I know that this isn'...


Friend self-harming :(

Well, I found my friend on this selfharming website asking for help on to how to quit and stoof, and I talked to her awkardly about it and said that her legs and arms are covverd in cuts and scars and I love to her bits, but the thing is she is my best...


Friend Making Herself Puke.

My friend has started making herself throw up. I try to talk to her, and I tried begging her to stop, but she says that she is " Fat " . Trust me, this girl is skinny.
I told her that if she keeps doing this, I am going to tell somebody, but she does...

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Migration of the belly ring

I had my belly pierced 2 months ago and I changed it and nothin happens because most of my scars heal fast. But I put my oringinal belly ring back in to see what it looks like and I have a little less skin than it was before. So my question is your be...


Bumps or boils under my skin

I am 21 been getting these boils or bumps for years I have scarring from them but lately they have been getting worse I dont know why I used to go to the doctor and hed perscribe antibiotics but as soon as the pills were gone they would come back they ...



yesterday i was the most stupid girl and was in a really depressed mood. I was in my room and everything got to me so i cut myself for the second time. At the time i thought it would just help somehow and if you've ever done it then you would understan...


my best friend had an emo moment, what if she has another one?

ok I met my best friend in the 6th grade but she is going to a different school , now in 8th grade. well I am worried about her, she has gone emo!! she says don't worry, I had an emo moment, she has 7 scars just on her arm alone!! what if she has anoth...


How do I make the swelling go down?

I was curling my hair with my curling iron and I was being careful,or obviously I wasnt,or whatever but as I was holding the iron,the iron grazed the skin right beside my eye and I screamed for half a second and now I have a big bubbling irritated burn...


Covering up cuts

Ok, so im a cutter and I want to know how to cover up scars. I dont want to hear oh you need to stop,. I know that and im trying, so please dont do that. All I want to know is how to cover it up. I've tried using some concealer and stuff, but that does...


help fast please

im freaking out. bad. I was reading about stds and I think I might have. I have intercoarse friday october 31. I had a cold a il bit before the next day I was sweating bad and now I have toncilitous and I had a fever 2 days ago to were my whole body a...


I think I might be pregnant?

I was raped about 4 weeks ago and I dont know if a condom was used! Since then I've been depressed and upset its scarred me for life now.. But I also think I might be pregnant.. I was sick yesterday morning and today a bit too.. I took two pregnancy te...


How to treat a bad burn?

My niece of two years old recently burned her hand with boiling soup. The burn is terrible, at least second degree, her hand is swollen and it looks like it may leave a scar. The doctor prescribed penicilin, liquid iode to disinfect and zinc oxyde crea...


eraser burns

one of my friends told me to erase my hand one time but I didnt want to,later on that day I tried and I ended up doing it 3 times on my hand and my mom saw them and said she was going to put me in therapy if I kept doing it so I stopped doing it on my ...


2 months pregnant and scared

I'm 25 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 9 years and we recently found out we are soon going to become parents I'm so excited and happy but at the same time I am absolutley petrified. I've heard terrible things about giving birth, does anyo...


What's all involved with kidney donation?

My cousin has lupus and has just been put on the kidney donation list. I'm closest in age to her, so I've always said I'd do it if the time ever came. Well, after years, the time is getting much closer. I'm wondering what's all involved in this proc...


Body Acne???

Okay, so...I'm 18 and I've had this problem for a while now but it hasn't gone away. I never had bad facial acne while I was going through my puberty stage. But I've always had small zit-like bumps all over my shoulders, chest, back, rear, and on my th...


Going down the wrong path

I used to freak out when I found a bad word in a book. now I say them all at least five times a day. I used to think I would never get into drinking, smoking, or drugs, but now im not sure. I've never actually done anything like that, but I think th...



I have been diognosed with Manic Depression Which is a depression that drags through from child hood I have been on 3 kinds of anti-depressents and a bi-polar med I have been in hospital over 13 times from suicide attemps and been sent to a adelesent s...


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