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How to survive a breakup

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what are some things that help you sleep?

what are some things that help you sleep?


Short of breath while sitting at computer chair.

I seam to be very short of breath just as I sit at my computer chair. It is making me lightheaded and a little dizzy. It sometimes feels like I have something tight around my chest.
I have been getting this for a while on and off. I went to my dr but ...


Papaya durin pregnancy?

I went for the urine pregnancy test and its positive. But I wanna postpone child birth? Any methods? Will papaya help?


13 year old loosing teeth

If I'm 13 years old will I still be loosing teeth?

Reason I'm asking you this is because this afternoon while I eat my lunch I felt a tooth that is lose. If I loose that tooth what will happen? Will it grow back or just like that?


Burping and spitting blood

My aunt keeps burping like almost everyday and every second, she also complain about spitting blood, what could it be


Can a girl get pregnt after attending her monthly period.

Can a girl get pregnt after attending her monthly period.


lower abdomen pains after making out

After making out with my girlfriend for about an hour or two, my girlfriend started feeling pains in her lower abdomen right after she left my house.
She said that it was sharp pains that comes and goes, and she has said that she has been peeing a lot...


White spots on fingernails.

I have always had white spots on my fingernails. I was wondering what they are.


How is the safest way to self pierce?

my friend wants to pierce her lip herself, how is the safest way to do this and what should she use?

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What is this hard ball thing in my vagina?

Yeah.. What is it?

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Is it true that air kills sperm?

Is it true that when sperm reaches the air it will die?


Is there any chance that I am pregnant or am I just late again

Any advice or help would be very appreciated thanks...

Ok well two weeks ago I met up with my boyfriend
He was wanking and he cummed on his hand and then a few minuets later he fingered me,
Now I was due to be on my period 3 days ago and I have only...


How can I make my vegina tight

How can I make my vegina tight.please tell me

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I just had a miscarriage and im really depressed

hello, I just had a miscarriage and im really depressed. I dont know what to do. me and my boyfriend were almost trying to have a baby for one one year and I had a miscarage. now all of a sudden he dont want to have a kid. and im just confusd that now ...


What are the list of barbituits?

What are the list of barbituits


How can I hide my cutting?

I can't stop cutting.I was able to stop for a while but now everything seems worse.More people are noticing the scars on my arm and my mom is about to come home from a trip and I don't want her to see any more marks does any one know a good way to hide...


My earrings wont come off...

Okay well I cant geet the back off my earring, like its stuck... What should I do.. Help asap


Why do girls want to become anorexic?

Many girls want to be thin and some even wanted to be anorexic.I wonder is getting anorexia good? Why girls want to become anorexic? Can they recover when they wants to?I just dont understand why they want to do it? Why not go for healthy diet? Guys,I ...


What age is it OK to start taking diet pills?

what age is it OK to start taking diet pills? i am a little over weight and i want to take them to get me to a nice weight and in the process start to excersise and eat better. my mom has some left over and i want to take them


can babys hear through your stomach while prego?

can babys hear through your stomach while prego?


Does Visine Hurt Your Eyes?

I use Visine a lot on my eyes..because I like the way it makes them look is that bad for them???


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