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How to survive a breakup

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What does high t cell count mean?

What does high t cell count mean?


how to make sure you fall pregnat?

how to fall pregnat, like how do you know that you are pregnat?


TB, Broncitis and Pnemonia

I was wonderinf if anyone knows if these 3 are in any way related to eachother. I am concerned because my sister is in the hospital and was told she had pnemonia. Then they said TB, then broncitis and they said all three are related. And they no longer...


Does pickle juice get weed out of your system?

does pickle juice get weed out of your system


Getting High Off Pixie Stix?

Okay, I just saw tis quiz that I was taking and it was liek have you ever gotten high off of pixi stix??/
Can that even happen???OMG

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Why do I see lights when I cough or sneeze?

does this happen to anyone besides me, and if yes...what is it or what does it mean??? when I cough really hard or sneeze I see little brite white "twirly" lights for a few seconds. my entire family thinks im crazy. any ideas why or what this is??


Is it true that if a man has big hands and feet it means he has a big p****?

Is it just a myth or is this true

Big hands +Feet= Big penis

I dont have a sick mind I just wanna know if thair is any truth in this ?!

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Does the hymen separate the vaginal wall in virgins?

If you are still a virgin, does the hymen separate the vaginal canal into two?

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Emergency: tampon string broke!

hey this is kinda a emergency I bought these tampons the otha day adn when I put it in the sting broke. does anyone know how I can get it out?


How can I make my period stop for a date?

I have a very special date tomorrow, I decided to give it up after a few months now. I started today and want it to stop so I can play with my boyfriend. Please help me.. I want it to stop just until after tomorrow..


How or does make up damage your eyesight?

Well I used to have 20/20 vision... But every since I decide to wear make up specifically eye liners, I think my eye sight is getting blurry. Well, when you apply eye liners, you line them at your waterline. Sometimes, I can feel it touch my eyes a lit...


Do pads or tampons feel better?

ok so I just started my period and I was wondering which one feels better pads or tampons.


Abortions cost?

How much do abortions cost? Or where could I find an estimate?


Uncontrollable shaking, what's wrong with me?

okay so since 15 minutes I have been shaking UNCONTROLLIBLY and iam not cold or anything and I can barley keep my eyes open! I can't stop shakinggg!! what do I do! quickk! and I dont want to go to the er. but I really need to stop shaking and keep my e...


How can I stop cutting from the pain?

ok so i was a "mistake" child and when i was smaller i would over hear what my parents talking about and my dad like my brother better then me and my mother likes me more ..but for some odd reason i keep on hearing all the bad and mean things they have...


why do my boobs hurt after my period?

Its been three days since my period and my boobs are swollen and hurt. I had breakthrough bleeding a week before my period, but my period seemed to be fairly normal, maybe a bit lighter than usual. I just started my 3rd month of the pill. why is this h...


How many people can there be to stay the night at a hospital?

well im in the hospital and 2mar0 my two besties want to stay the night bt I don't know if there is a limit, well is there a limit?


How do I insert a suppository in my sister?

I am trying to insert a suppository up my sisters butt and she wont stay still, she crys and moves around a lot. How can I make sit still and let me insert it?

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Why does milk upset my stomach in the morning?

So this is really strange and it's been happening to me for years and I'm just wondering if anyone knows why. When I drink any kind of milk in the morning after I wake up I get a stomach ache, or sometimes nausea, I've even thrown up from drinking milk...


Blood filled bump on neck

I have a blood filled bump on my neck it started about 2 weeks and I accidently scratched it it started bleeding so I applied pressure to get it to stop and now it has come back even bigger it is like a blackish red color and it itches and somewhat sen...


Werid spots on my belly

The spots on my belly is red one and other ones are coming up and I am wondering what they are.
What could they be?


Why do I get a weird smell after shaving down there?

I like "hardwood floors," meaning no carpet. This is because if I have hair, it tickles too much when my husband touches me intimately. So I shave my labia. However, a day or so after I shave, the skin on the outside smells bad. Why is this?


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How do I know if I'm high?

Alright, I'm not new at smoking or anything, it's just that, I've got a new guy that gets me stuff and I'm not sure if his stuff is legit or not. I tried some, but I never seemed to get high, my vision got messed up, but I could still think properly a...


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