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Why am I throwing up in my mouth?

If I burp or yawn sometimes just a little throw up comes up and I swallow it but the taste is awful it happens everyday! why does that happen?


Can you get athlete's foot from wearing someone else's shoes?

I wore my friends running sneakers for a few hours, and after I took them off, he laughed and told me he had athletes foot. My question is this:

Could something that grew inside his toes have burrowed into MY toes and be living inside my feet?


does marijuana smell like a skunk?

sry I have no idea how to spell it but does marijuana smell like a skunk?? I don't know what does it smell like?/ (the kind you smoke)


What is the average dick size or a 14 year old

Me and my girlfriend were talking about dicks, and I asked her what she thought an average size was

she didn't respond lol

but what is it
I'm 14, ( just turned 14)
but my voice hasn't cracked

My dick is around 4 inches

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Are there any quick ways to detoxify yourself of THC?

Hi People! got to a question, probably a stupid one but hey. I need some advice on passing a pee test, I smoke reefer everyday, several times a day, it's like a daily religion to me. But anyway, I just got a call for an unexpected job and would like fo...


Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger

Okay I had my period on the 10 and on the 21 I was fooling around with my boyfriend he fingerd me with sperm on his finger what are the chances of getting pregnant was I ovulating?

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kick start my period a few days early

is there a way to kick start my period by a few days? I am getting ready to go on vacation and would like to get it over with.


Why are my patient's legs turning black?

I'm a opiate addiction counselor and I have a pt with multiple health issues but one of them really scared me his legs are turning black, he is been dx with cellulitis and he has a back problem, couple of herniated discs, what could be the cause for h...


Caffeine and spaced out feeling

Every time I drink coffee I seem to get tired and feel like I am high I cant think straight and feel kind of spaced out why is this?


How can I clean my system out in ten to fifteen days?

I have an in home ua coming up in fifteen days from tomorrow, given to me be my understanding mother.. Whom I also think her herself could not pass a ua.
Anyway, I'm fairly sure she is getting her tests from target and the only tests they sell are th...


Should I shave without telling my parents, If so with what razor?

I'm 14 going on 15 and I need to shave. should I tell my parents or should I just go for it. If so whose razor do I use?


How do you put tampons in?

how do you put tampons in???


Why isn't it good to keep things bottled up?

I have a lot of things bottled up inside that I havnt really talked to anyone about, Because I cant talk to my parents or any of my relatives. and I dont have much friends. Why is'nt it good to keep things bottled up? What does it do to you?


What happens if you wear a tampon too long?

is it dangerous to leave in a tampon for like, 7 hours, knowing nothing is going to come out in it? or putting in 3 tampons in 2 days, knowing nothing will come out? I won't get TSS, will I? thx


What the normal weight for a 5'3 girl?

Just trying to figure out what weight I need to be at. I'm 5'3. Im 14.


How do I get pot out of my system while pregnant?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be sure that when I go in for my scheduled c-section in 24 days or so I will be clean from marijuana... I know that niacin works but I just want to be sure that I will not hurt my baby if I take it?


Getting Anger Out

What are some good ways to get anger out besides talking about it?


HELP I'M WORRIED!!! Can internal organs repair themselves?

Okay I know this is a weird but I need to know if the colon / bowel can repair itself.

Like if you get a cut on your skin it heals ... does the same thing happen to internal organs?


Is smoking paper bad for you?

Is smoking PAPER really bad for you?


how do I know if I have tss?

how do I know if I have tss? is there anyway I can prevent it? can I sleep with my tampon in?? how many hours could I leave it in??


Why did my period stop if I'm not pregnant?

I have been late on my period for 3 months. Then this month I didn't have one at all. I've taken two test which both came up negative. So if I'm not pregnant what else could be going on!? Is everything okay?


Is it normal to poop out bean skins?

Every time I eat beans I poop the skins of them for like a week. Should I stop eating them?


What is this hard ball thing in my vagina?

Yeah.. What is it?

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What a non-circumcised penis looks like?

What a non-circumcised penis looks like?

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