do you think its "ok" to date a known pedophile if you have children?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t. How could you trust them? Or even be able to tolerate the thought of what they’ve done? In my opinion it the worst kind of crime there is.

Answer #2

No no no no no. Safety of the child comes first for a parent. At least it should. I don’t think I could ever tolerate a person who had committed such a crime.

Answer #3

Depends how they got the charge, if it was something stupid like distributing nude pictures when you were under 18, then ok I guess, but if it were something serious to give them that title then no, never.

Answer #4

They are very sick and disturbed people. I would not even be friends with such a person.

Answer #5

No way! Would you leave your car unlocked engine running in a town with high crime rate? People don’t change that’s just how it is.

Answer #6

NO. NO. NO. Don’t be so selfish! DO NOT put your children at risk of becoming another one of this person’s victims!

Answer #7

NO WAY. I’d rather die honestly. I agree with Janice, Onemandog, Iffy and Renee. It’s a complete No No. and I wouldn’t be able to tolerate even being friends with such a person. It’s a horrible thing and it honestly literally sucks and that is not something I would do. Dating them is a faraway thing, i wouldnt even have a Hi-bye relation with them.

Answer #8

Not at all. o-o

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