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Would you consider me a "shallow" or "average" person?

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Hi ;). I'm just terribly insecure so it's getting harder and harder for me to understand myself. That's kind of why I'm here; to ask for your general opinion. Thanks, and detailed answers are well-appreciated! =) By the way, this is like a long question so... yeah.

I'm an ambiverted person overall, leaning to the extroverted side. I usually like to say "hi" to the people in my school (I'm a teenager) because they seem lonely. I like helping people out and generally don't want anything in return because I don't like getting stuff from people. People think I'm an average person, but then they don't totally know me. I won't follow the crowd for what they wear or what they do so I can be "cool". I just want to be myself. I can count myself as an "artistic" person. I like to draw what comes to my mind and my friends like to ask me to draw stuff for them; which pressures me because I might fail them. I like music from all genres, but the ones with the most meaning are the ones I listen to the most. Coldplay, One Republic, and a lot more are always the ones in my playlist when I'm trying to write a meaningful letter. I tend to make songs, stories, and poems a lot. I can be considered as a "lost-in-thought" person. I think things through and I don't like judging a person by their "cover". If I did, I wouldn't have met 90 percent of my friends. I have a lot of "acquaintances", but then I only have a few close friends which I hang out with everyday. I'm extremely self-less; I could help a stranger (let's say new classmate) out for the entire school-year and all I'll ask is to keep in touch in the Summer. I d The weather and atmosphere also affects my mood deeply. I love it when it rains because I can think things easier and it helps me remember good memories. I also love taking scenic pictures because it just relaxes me. I'm also a fan of reading. It irritates when a person only does something just so they can "fit in". I stopped hanging out with one of my close friends because he smoked cigarettes and do all those shiz just so he can be with the crowd. I can't find any depth in him, other than his outer personality. I also don't like it when people stereotype a person. For example, I hate it when a person expects a gay person to act girly and work in a barber shop. They're only looking at their general appearance, and don't take the time to get to know them. I love going to the park and sitting on the top of the hill What bothers me the most is the fact that I'm totally different from a lot of people. Like for instance, I consider my brother a "shallow" person since he doesn't look at things the way I do. When it's rainy, I'm usually more vivid and thoughtful, while he doesn't seem to understand how things are. He only listens to music that him want to dance (he's a hip hop dancer), and gets bored when peaceful music plays. He has a hard time getting to know people, while I could tell when a person is happy or sad. I'm extremely silent in car rides and tend to look the window; looking at the atmosphere around us while my brother continues to talk and talk about random stuff, ignoring the deeper aspects of life. Sometimes I think I'm crazy because I view stuff very differently from most people; for I take time to study it. I literally wonder about everything, and am very intellectual about things around me. When I talk, it shows that I put a lot of time in what I say. I know that life is complicated, as questions run through my head as I type. I love to ask myself the meaning of existing, the purpose of life, and of course, love. I try to think of how multiple religions exists (I'm Catholic, but then why are their dozens more), and it's pretty obvious that barely anyone does this. They usually think about the latest gossip or who's the leading sports team. If you try to take a trip to my brain, it would be boundless. Their's just so many things that make me who I am. I'm very "complicated'.

There's a lot more that I want to write, but I don't want to bore you any longer. Thanks for answering, it helps a lot. :)