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Does it signify anything for have someone appear in your dreams many times in a row?

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A few months ago I found out that a guy in my school has a crush on me for over a year now. A few weeks ago I started liking him back. Now that I left for Winter break, he has been appearing in my dreams around 3 times in a row now. It's strange because I don't really think about him or chat with him or anything. There are two things that all of the dreams had in common, and were also true in real. 1. We didn't talk to each other in the dreams. We're both really shy of each other, so we never talk. I caught him looking at me a few times before, and he has caught me looking at him. The same thing was in the dreams. 2. My friend was in the dreams. She is currently mad at me and is ignoring me. In the dreams, she seemed to start talking to me little by little, but it was obvious that the conflict we had happened. So does this mean or signify anything?