do you think its ok when someone mentions its there birthday?

Answer #1

Depends upon how many birthdays the individual claims to have per year.

I suppose one or two per twelve month period is ok, but it gets a bit beyond the pale when they start claiming yet another one for each and every country in a global empire.

Some people are just a little bit over the top when it comes to dropping hints that ring out as loud and regular as the chimes of Big Ben, in order to trigger yet another “surprise party” along with all the cakes, presents, trimmings, and trips to Macdonald’s or Disneyland etc..

Anyhow, you must excuse me: I’ve got to get to get back to writing another batch of Birthday Cards. But don’t mention anything about it to Her Majesty. I wouldn’t want it would spoil the surprise.

Answer #2

I guess theres nothing wrong mentionng your birthdays to the world for you to get birthday gifts hahaha. just dont mention it everyday LOL :)

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