Accidentally called 911, hung up instantly.

I hit the "Emergency Call" button on my phone while my sim card was out, but I hung up INSTANTLY. It didn't ring and no one answered, and as of 15 minutes later 911 has not called back (I read that if you call 911 and hang up, they'll call you back.) Am I going to get into trouble?

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They either call you back or show up at the location.

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oh... that can't be good.

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Well it's been almost 2 hours and nothing has happened.... I'm going to go ahead and assume that my no second long, no ringing or answer call didn't register on the 911 operators dispatch board.

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Even deactivated cell phones can make 911 calls and if you dial the emergency number it's logged even if you hang up before it rings. The thing is since your phone isn't active they can not call you back and since it is a cell phone they have no idea where to send first responders. The best thing to do if you accidently dial 911 is to stay on the line and explain that you dialed it by accident. Since most cell phones can "butt dial" 911 even when locked they get a lot of calls like this.

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