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Have you ever been judged by people and mistakened for a criminal or a trouble maker?

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When I was in High School I always used to sit in classrooms and learn because I wanted to have good grades and go to college so that I can become a doctor someday. But whenever I was on the staircase about to leave, the security and deans in the school would take away my cell phone and I.D and mistaken me for a bad student. Then they would go and favorite the students who smoke, drink, do drugs, and get into fights everyday. The teachers in the school did favoritism and kept comparing me to some asian, hispanic, and black female students who kept competing with me. They would give them high grades and after all my hardwork and coming to school early on time I didn't even get an award for it and it shows me how these people really are. The teachers gave me low grades and thought I was a trouble maker. They also screamed on me and was mean to me after I respected them. Whenever I go to clothing stores to buy clothes, the watch guard and employees follow me secretly and it's as if I'm a criminal to them. Then I always make them feel stupid when I pay at the cashier. People's parents don't want me around their children because they think I'm a bad role model on them. It's a sign of discrimination and racial tensions Have you ever seen the movie crash (2004) ? If you watch that movie you will see what I mean. Yes it's true because I've been halted by police and asked for my I.D and mistakened for a criminal at clothing stores and it shows me how wicked minded these people really are. If those people call themselves christians then they need to change their judgemental behavior quick because God is loving and so is Jesus. Jesus loves me no matter my skin color and he knows what I'm thinking and what I'm doing..