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Make gun pic keyboard

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I saved a pic to my comp and now I cant find it

I saved a pic to my comp that someoen sent it was kinda inappropriate and now I cant find it ! what if my mom sees it ?!?! where do I look for it so I could delete it ?!?!? D= help asapp pleassse

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How can I clean my keyboard if its sticky?

I accidently spilled some pepsi on my keyboard, and now its hard to type because about 5 of they keys stick when I try to type.
I already cleaned my whole keyboard once, and it didnt really help, those keys are still sticky.
What sould I do?!?


What is a site to get free ringtones threw pic. Mes. For t-mobile?

Please help. My phone needs and dont give me bogus sites

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Why won't my computer let me delete these gross pics?

A friend sent me a pic of his d!ck and it won't go away and I asked him how to get it to go away buthe said that I should keep it so that I can remember him
How do I make it go away?

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Help me make this pic bigger.

Hahaha one day it was big the next day... this. How do I make it bigger? If you can't view the pic... uhhh... the erm.. it's small like this. l_l <-- about that size maybe a lil bigger.


What are good samsung phones with qwerty keyboards?

That are good to text with, good interface, decent battery life, not more than £100? Oh and one that won't reflect the sunlight? etc... Any recommendations?


Should I get a touchscreen phone or one with keyboard??? HELP

Im getting a new phone, and I'm trying to decide whether I should get one with all touch screen (no keyboard) or one with a keyboard. So I wanted to know is touch screen irritating or annoying for anybody? and which would you prefer?


Where can I find a Toshiba Libretto 100ct keyboard in the UK?

I've been looking for ages for a replacement keyboard for a 1998 toshiba libretto keyboard. I've looked on so many sites and found a few but there in the USA. anybody got any suggestions of where I can find one?


Laptop Keyboard Problems

Every time I turn my laptop on a lot of the keys will not work. It isn't just certain keys but random ones each time including functions keys, numbers and letters. What can I do to stop this happening???


Rotating pics?


I would like to know how to make those mini videos with several pics. Like the picture changes every second to another one. I believe it's called flash? Please help!


when I try 2 check my pic msg.on my cricket account it don't pull up?

when I try 2 check my pic msg. on my criket account kus my phone doesnt have a camera. My Cricket com/mms. it actie it dont wanna pullup! whats wrong?

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How do people edit there pics?

How do people edit there pics?
Like they put stars ndd words
Ndd also cut there body out ndd put a different background
Ndd how do you take scenic pikz
Im not emo or anything
I just love scenic hair ndd how they takee pikz :)


Can't download pics to Craigslist

Everytime I try to browse for a pic, and add to the Craigslist ad, it says file too large and suggest reducing pic size but I don't know how to do this simply. I'm not a computer geek; need simple instructions.


What are some other fun gadgets like the laser gun alarm clock?

Like this,
or this hundred dollar bill toilet paper
Or a hot dog toaster?


How to delete pics from itouch?

Ok, so I plugged my ipod into the computer, got on itunes, and downloaded a few pictures as a test. I was planning on deleting them afterwards. I can't delete them! There is no trash can! They are embarrassing pictures too! The album name is Photo Libr...


How to fix a computer keyboard letter?

I have a macbook and the letter "R" fell of the keyboard today, I have it right here but I try to put it back and it wont stay in place, I dont want to glue it in case it gets damage. any help?


What website do you go to put those pixel decorations on your pics?

okay so my cuzin decorated her pics with these clear things that kinda look like pxels thingys and I reely want to know where to get themmm. HELPPP :l


What is causing tapping noises coming from under the keyboard?

Okay, so, I a couple months back heard Tapping noises coming from under my laptop. Right now its driving me insane and I wonder what is causing it. I tried research but didn't get really anywhere.


How do I get free music and pics on my phone?

I have been trying to get free songs and pics on my phone for a little while but I dont know how to? Im not even sure how you actually put them on there! Please help me and explain to me what I have to do and how I do it? I have also asked my friends a...


How do I choose my top friends pics for Myspace?

one of my friends has done her top friends part on her myspace to where she chose our pics for us and they are all lined up right next to each other like columns where do I go to do that... she just got whatever pic of us she wanted from our profile an...


how do I fix my cell when it says invalid address when sending pic?

I have a cricket cell phone. suddenly my phone has started to day that its an invalid address(even though im textng the person an theres no problem there) so its only when I try to send video/picture messages. why an how do I fix it?


How do I clean my keyboard safely?

I was thinking just shoving it under the sink or something, but I dont know if that will cause problems. My keys keep sticking, I didn't think they actually did that, I thought sticky keys was an excuse to type poorly, but now I know it actually happen...


No keyboard scrolling?

Every time I push the Home and End on FunAdvice or on any website,it doesn't want to work,what is wrong with my PC o keyboard? To add on ever time I do push the test writer always shows up even where it's impossible to type,help me out.


Why does my LG Xenon keep saying error when I try to take a pic?

I dropped my phone one day & it was working perfectly fine. But then the next day I went 2 take a picture & it kept saying "error" & I don't know what I can do 2 fix it. Any suggestions?


I need help uploading pics on myspace.

so I wanted to upload some of the pictures my sister took of me onto my myspace and they don't show up in the file when I browse, but they're there when I just open the file from my desktop. does anyone know why some of these pictures won't show up? an...

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