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Where can I buy an affordable computer?

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so I have a bit of a computer problem. I have a VERY old emachines that was running really well and has lasted me a long time. T6209 is the model version. anywyas, last year I added a gb of ram and a new 7600 Nvidia video card, and its been running very well. At the beginning of the summer I was experiencing problems with it freezing while I would play WoW, so I tried all the solutions that Blizzard suggested to me and the only thing was to tkae off the side of the tower and have a fan blowing in it constanty...which sucks, and im still doing it now. Recently, these problems have began to return, but worse. Now, when I turn off my computer, I can't turn it back on...everything will turn on except the monitor, the green light just blinks like normal but no picture. I managed to get it to turn on about 2 times over this weekend. So today I couldn't get it to turn back on after it was on standby(since I put it on standby for the night and it stays like that until I get home from school). So I tried replacing hte cord(from the monitor to the comjputer), that didn't work. I tried a new monitor (my moms), that didn't work. I tried a new monitor with my cable and my moms cable, nothing has worked. I dont know what else to try. Now antoher big probelm comes in of either taking it to a computer technician(which costs $$ that I dont have and that my mom doesn't have either right now) So even if I have enough money to take it to a technician for them to tell me whats wrong, they will charge me for taking it in and getting it fixed, which I probablyh wont have enough money for anyways. So should I try buying a new computer...which is my main question:

Where can I buy an affordable computer???

It NEEDS to be able to run WoW I need a decent amt of ram and an OK graphics card.

I have heard of these pay monthly things for buying computers, like on TV and stuff...but I don't know how that works and im not sure if I could afford it. But mainly I need a new computer and an affordable one...not a top of the line but one that can run WoW, thats all I need.

Also, do you think that I could just buy a brand new monitor and maybe that would work? im just not really sure what the problem is...

/sigh... So if anyone could give me some ideas it would be greatly appreciated <3