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Afraid of a text message

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I got a really scary forward today on my cellphone. it was one of those chain messages. It said: hi my is Monay I will be at the front of your bed tonight unles you send this to nine people. it also came with a really scary picture who was probably dead because her skin was deatly whilt almost gray she has on a white shirt and her hair was black and she had blood smeared from one ear across her cheeks and her mouth to the other ear and her head is just moving back and forth. and it also has a really creepy song with it. It got around to all of the 7th and 8th grade with cell phones and 3 forths of them got scared by it and started crying (including me) and now it is this huge deal at school so everyone who is scared of it is going to sleep with their mom but my mom is in arizona and im in rhode island and I no it really won't happen but the idea song and picture scare and I had no idea what it was because it just said (name of friend) fwd;fw;fwd so I had no idea I no I shouldn't be scared but I am and I won't be able to sleep tonight and I already talked to my grandparents about it and they thought it was stupid but to me it isn't its scary. please HELP