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What is a good phone for me?

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I don't really care if it is the latest phone or not. I honestly do not care either if it has Android, or if it is a Windows phone, or for iPhones. My current phone is the Nokia Xpress music which I quite like actually, but after almost three years it is starting to be dysfunctional. I want a phone that allows for a lot of user customization, one that has a fairly good battery life and one that does not break easily. I noticed a lot of the newer phones have crap battery lives, needing to be charged everyday or after 12 hours and I noticed a lot of the newer ones begin having problems after a year or so. I want one with a camera and a phone that I can download some apps (I don't use apps or games much) so it doesn't matter too much. So, I need something sturdy, highly customizable with a good batterylife.