Why is my computer recently quite slow and how can i fix it without downloading a program?

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Either take it to a repair shop to see if there is a problem or move all your un-used programmes to the "recycle bin" then click on the "bin" and "empty" it :)

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that depends on how old the computer is, the operating system, hardware, 32 vs 64 bit, and your experience with computers

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Depends on what system you have, how old it is and what you do with it.

- on older windows machines (XP, 2000) it might help to reduce the amount of data in your profile (C:\Documents and Settings\yourname) Also look for hidden files and folders. You email account or program settings might be saved in those.

- if you still have a FAT32 file system, "defragmentation" might help

- reduce the amount of installed programs

- buy more RAM.

- If you have Windows Vista, upgrade to Windows 7. It will not calculate faster, but it sure feels faster because its graphical user interface will react faster.

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just moving them to the recycle bin won't help. You have to un-install most programs (on windows machines). Just deleting only works with very simple programs and with macintosh .

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Clear out anything you can and uninstall any games or anything you don't use anymore

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I would go through folders on your computer and empty out anything you don't need. Or if you have pictures that take up space, copy them to a c.d and then delete them off your computer to make space. That; a good way to make space on your computer anything that you can copy to a disk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you can have on file when you need it!!!! Delete any games you have on there that you don't play, they take up a lot of room!! Esp if you have that game on a disk. or you have take it to like a best buy and they can help you clean it.

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Clear out anything you don't need. Remove any programs that run on startup that you don't need to be opened on startup. Otherwise, you might need to redo your computer.

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The first step to fixing a slow Windows PC is to clean out all of the programs which won't be helping your computer at all. We've found that most computers out there will just be taking so long to process their files due to having a large number of programs to load up. This can be done by using the steps here:
• Click onto "Start"
• Select "Control Panel"
• Select "Add / Remove Programs"
• Pick the software you don't want / use
• Remove the programs
• Restart your PC

This will remove any of the programs that are causing problems on your system. A rule of thumb is that the more programs that you have on your system, the slower your computer will run. On top of this, it's also recommended that you are able to use a registry cleaner program to fix any potential errors that Windows will have inside. The registry is a database that stores all of the important information that your PC will use to run - and is where the likes of your most recent emails, desktop wallpaper and even your passwords are kept. The registry of Windows is a little-known part of the system, but is continually causing many system to run slower due to the way in which Windows will either corrupt or damage the files which it will be using to run.

You can use a registry cleaner program to scan through your PC and get rid of any of the problems that your system will have causing it to run slower. This can be done by clicking onto the Internet, downloading a registry cleaner and then installing it onto your PC. After installation has been completed - scan through your system and let the program remove all the problems that your system may have had - allowing it to run much smoother and more reliably as a result. This is very important, and we recommend using a tool called Fastwindowstweaker( http://funadvice.com/r/15588o31m0n ) to fix the problems on your system.

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All of these tips are great, and correct. I just want to add one more suggestion: clean up your computer's registry. If your registry becomes corrupted or bloated it'll slow your computer down and can cause all kinds of errors. You can a) do it yourself, which is not recommended unless you know what you're doing. it's easy to mess up your registry, so be careful. b) take it to a professional and have them repair your registry for you. may cost a bit of $$. or c) get a registry repair program for your computer. there are free ones that can do a little bit of cleaning, and there are ones you buy that can usually complete the job. they're not expensive at all, normally 20-30$. So I know that you were looking for a way to speed up your PC without downloading a program, and it is possible. But it might be easier to use software.

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