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I have scene hair, what's the best hairspray?

Ok I have think hair but it's cut into layers at the top and I've been using suave 10 but it just doesn't hold up like it should (My scene "poof" is really long) but yeah I want to to do the top part of my hair to look like a turkey/peacock thing but ...


how can i make my arms more hairy

i want to have hairy arms

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Can you dye your hair just after an ear piercing?

I'm planning on getting my cartilage pierced near the end of june but I also want to dye my hair around this time.

(I'm getting these things done then because it's the end of my GCSE's :))

But I heard that if you've just had a piercing, you can't...


How to remove hair dye quickly?

Please help me remove my hair dye semi-perminant I have very un attractive roots! Remedy or fix needed!


If you get your ear pierced do you have to take your own earring?

ok once again
if you get your ear pierced at a tattoo place do you have to take your own earring or do they have them there??? lol


Normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?

Is it normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?

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How can I get Scene style hair without teasing it?

Ok let me ask one thing what hair style should I get help me I like scene hair but I hate teasing and it ruins my hair help me...


How do you make yourself look like a slut?

My boyfriend will like me more if I show off my body but
I dont have the right cloths and my parents are strict about it so how do I hide it from them too?

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How can I make my jean jacket look like this? (photo link)


Do beauty marks grow back if they are peeled off?

my sister did it last night and I felt like smacking her... Because my moms grew back and she had peeled it off to.


How much does a rook piercing hurt?

Next week I'm going in to get my rook pierced and I want to know what to expect. I have an industrial and I didn't think that it was too terribly bad. I mean yeah it hurt but it wasn't even close to how bad some of my tattoos hurt. I would consider mys...


How do I fix my hair, there are spots in some areas?

Ok heres the deal. I highlighted my hair, it looks good. But in a few places it looks like spots. I used the cap thing, which I've never used, so I don't know what made get that one. But do I fix this?


Highlights, what's the best color for my hair?

I have dark brown hair and green eyes,what is the best highlight color or my hair


Birthmark should I have surgery cover it up or leave it.

I have a small birthmark on my stomach should I have surgery cover it up or leave it.
If you need a pic funmail me

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What colour will make blue eyes pop?

what colour will make my blue eyes pop!!!?


What are cute things to do with wet hair?

I have long hair. My hair is straight. I need a fast hair style for school

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Does an ear piercing ever go away completely?

I still have a scar in my ear that I can feel, even though it's been more than five years since I removed the ear ring...does an ear piercing scar or hole ever go away completely? If so, how long does it take?


lips pierced! (snakebites) around Chicago close to hyde park?

where can I get my lips pierced! (snakebites) around Chicago close to hyde park?!?
or a safety place??? and how much does snake bites cost?? Like a goodplace???
and how much would they b!???


How to lighten colored hair?

How to lighten colored hair?


In ny can you get a tragus piercing with out parent conscent

In ny can you get a tragus piercing with out parent conscent when you are 16 or is it 18?

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Where can you find Pure Vitamin E Oil at Walmart?

Where can you fine Pure Vitamin E Oil at Walmart? How much does it cost?


Can people tell if you're wearing the wrong bra size?

Like if it's too big or small? I really think I'm wearing a size too big because when I take it off my boobs aren't as big. I like my small chest but the bra makes it seem like I'm a b on the verge of c when I'm barely a b!

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