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What does it mean if the guy I like wears Valcom ? What is Valcom?

This guy I like has a picture with a shirt that says Valcom , what is valcom ?
Like what stereo-type wears it ?


Can astringent be used to disinfect?

I have some astringent, and it says on the container that it is used for acne treatment. Well I was wondering if it can also be used to disinfect things, like earrings for example. The astringent I have is made by the brand "sea breeze" and the active ...


How to get a good tan without being orange?

how or where could I get a good tan with out being orange??


How long do I leave the hydrogen peroxide in to bleach my hai

How long do I leave the hydrogen peroxide in to bleach my hair?


What is the safest prettiest piercing to do at home?

safest prettiest piercing to do by urself if you could give me instuctions 2 please I already have my ears pierced but once..


How long can I leave my eyebrow ring out?

Ok I got my eyebrow pierced back in august and I was wondering if I took it out how long would it take to close up? cause my friend has snakebites and she can take them out for like 24 hrs and they dont close up. and also how long could I take my nose ...


Infected Monroe piercing how to reduce the swelling?

Okay, so I had my monroe pierced about a week ago. And it's red around on my face and it's hard and it's kinda swollen. I've been washing my mouth out with mouthwash with no alcohol about 3 times a day,and washing around the area on my face with anti-b...


arguments/ reasons for a lip ring

what would be some good argumetns/ reasons to argue wi th my mom and dad abouut my lip ring?? cus I waanna get 1
I've already used I want to stand out. I want 1, I can take it out before I get a proff. job. like when im 19/ 20.. thats about it??? ...

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Why is my lip piercing so itchy?

I just got it today and it's really itchy! Is it normal?


How to stop hair loss from anorexia?

I guess it's cause of my eating disorder.
don't tell me to eat etc...I do.
anyone got any idea how I can stop or reduce the hair loss?


Where can I find cream to make my boobs grow?

Where can i find creams so my boobs will grow?

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Does an ear piercing ever go away completely?

I still have a scar in my ear that I can feel, even though it's been more than five years since I removed the ear ring...does an ear piercing scar or hole ever go away completely? If so, how long does it take?


How badly do nose piercings hurt?

I really would like to get my nose pierced, but I want to know how much pain to expect. I have a medium to low tolerance for pain. Any replies concerning nose piercing (stories, advice, etc) would be great appriciated!


Is it true that you don't wear panties with pantyhose?

Hi im a 18 y/0 female and have a fashion question. Mom said that women wear pantyhose without underwear? Is that true and or safe? Also I want to wear strappy shoes with pantyhose is that ok?

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What are these black spots in my eyebrows?

What...Ok, so I have these black spots (I know for a fact that they are NOT black heads) and they only occurr in my eyebrows. They are on the skin, not the hairs, but are visible underneath my eye brows. They are bigger than a black head but smaller th...


Can I use Nu Nile to get waves?

can i use nu nile to get waves

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How long between bleachings?

I bleached my very dark brown hair friday night and, just as expected its an orange/yellow color with bright yellow roots up top. How long should I wait before bleaching again to cover up this ugly mess?


Do cod liver oil tablets & omega3 tablets make your boobs bigger?

I have done loads of research into this and I just wanted to know if it does actually work before I go splashing the cash on thing that I don't really need or work.

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Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


Tattoo's under the age of 16?

I want a tattoo of stars on my wrist, but im only 13.. Can I get a tattoo at the age of 13 with parents permission?

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Bleaching arm hair with peroxide

Ok I want to bleach my arm hair wiht peroxide (like the medical kind) like right now bc I need it for tommorow but should I wait and ask my mom or just do it?? I've always just done things and when she finda out itts nvr thattt bad. But I wanna no if t...

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How do I get rid of dry skin above my lips?

Above my upper lip, I have really dry skin, it isn't a cold sore, just dry skin, I've tried using lip balm on it, vasaline, face moisturizer, everything! What do I do?


How do I keep the shampoo smell in my hair?

All my friends have awesome smelling hair. it retains the smell of shampoo really well. but mine doesnt. it just smells...weird. not good not bad just no smell at all. I use herbal essences every night and it smells really good until like the next...


Do people get big boobs just from genetics?

I have a cousin & she has big boobs but I dont think her mom or anyone from her fam. has big boobs. shes pretty short like 5'4" and shes 19 and shes skinny and used to be kind of chubby.

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How to remove a tattoo yourself?

My husband really wants to go to the army and he cant because he has a tear drop on his face he has to get it off in one try and no treatment can do that and its going to cost 1,000's of dollars He found a place that will cut it off but way to expensi...


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