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How do you dye your hair by yourself without missing spots?

I know a lot of people just dye their hair themselves when they use the box dyes. I always have someone do it for me. How do you guys do that without missing spots?


How do nose rings look?

I want to get my nose pierce and I was just wondering how do they look , like do they have backs like normal ear earrings? and how easy they are to clean?


What should I wear to the movies with friends?

I am going to see a movie tonight with a bunch of my friends (all girls). there is a group of guys going tonight as well and I really like one of them. what should I wear. I have light brown hair, brown eyes. I like leggings and jeans. help. I am 14...

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Can I take a bath after I got my belly button pierced?

can I take a bath?

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How to make a tattoo stop itching?

Ok so I just got a new very cute tattoo on my foot on and it been awhile since I have had one but my question is ok it itches very very badd and lastnite I cudnt sleep because it was itching very badly I have been putting a&d ointment on it but it don'...

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How to get rid of scars from zits?

okay so I've been using these awesome nuetregena things for my face and they wrok really really good...but from popping zits... I still have a few scars!! =[ help..anyone?

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Hair Bleaching Gone every way.

I got my hair bleached from black and red box dye and the stylist gave me chemical burns all over my scalp. it hurts to wash my hair, not to mention that I now can't scrub my scalp. it also hurts to brush and lay on it. She also gave me white roots tha...


Hair for Prom

I have Prom on saturday and I was wondering how to wear my hair?!? its about medium/long in length...what should I do with it?



I'm a natural blonde, and have dyed my hair a really dark chocolate brown a few months ago, and I really want to change it back to blonde as soon as possible. my hair is already starting to show blonde highlights from where the dye is fading. and I als...


How much does it cost to get your hair done for prom?

Need to get my hair done, dont have a lot of money..just wondering how much it would cost me


How to dye hair with coontails?

I've always wanted to dye my hair to have those coontails in it.
I know you can do a temp. One with mascara, but I wanted to try one for real.
Anyone know how?

And in the picture; its the stripes.


How does Kate Moss stay so thin?

how come kate moss is so thin she smokes and smoking makes yooh gain weight so how does she stay so thin>?


At what age to breasts stop growing?

At what age to breasts stop growing?


From brown to strawberry blonde?

My hair is like medium brown. I want to go to like a darkish strawberry blond. Is this possible? Would it damage my hair? I've never done any dyeing before.. =/

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What are these little red bumps on my legs?

i have little red bumps on the top of my legs and i dont know what they are. I have perfect skin
(any advice)


Can you make homemade tattoo ink from cigarette ashes?

can you really make tattoo ink out of cigarette ashes and water?
is there anything else you can use?

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How can I get my hair to grow longer?

I need my hair to grow longer
someone hellp me!!!
but please?
any suggestions??

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What's the best shampoo for dyed hair?

what is the best shampoo for dyed black hair? I recently dyed my hair and I love it black, but it fades into brown even though its permanent. I use tresemme shampoo for brunettes, and I dont trust pantene even though they have shampoo for "midnight" co...


Does short hair look good on oval faces

Does short hair look good on oval faces?


Are the girls in my profile pic pretty or ugly?

Are the girls in my profile pic pretty or ugly?

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Being made fun of because of my punk rock style, what to do?

what do I do if all the people at school think I am emo and gothic and im not. im being made fun of because of my punk rock style. I am an individual and I feel like I have to be like them and dress like them to fit in. what do I do?

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