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Hairstyles for blonde haired males

I have blonde hair at an average length. I am starting to bored with my hairstyle and I want to try something new that will look good. Any suggestions on what hairstyles I should try or a site that could help me with this? Any help is appreciated. :-)

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How can I naturally make my hair orange?

okayy so my hair is currently a dark red. I want it to be like, bright orange like hayley williams from paramore. I've seen before that if you do something (I have no idea what) it will turn your hair orange. I dont want to dye it because I wud have to...


How to get arm pit hair early?

How to get arm pit hair early?


tattoo's and stuff...

so, I'm gauging my ears. I want them really big.
I plan on getting a LOT of tattoos.
I want two sleeves, and hands, knuckles.
and my chest.
but, I dont know what kind of job I could go into.
I love music, but dont sing or play instruments.



should I get a tatoo or tatoos?

I think they are so cool :]

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Is it ok to wear black to a QuinceaƱera?

Is it ok to wear black to a quinseneta? Im going to be a guest...not actually in the thing so is black ok?

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How do you know if you're attractive?

I just got dumped after about a 3 year relationship. I need help getting back on my feet and starting over new. The problem is I just dont feel I have the looks for a girls second glance at me. It sounds stupid but I just need some help or tips to keep...


What are the first signs of skin breakdown?

What are the first signs of skin breakdown?


Are there natural ways to be prettier without makeup?

im a 13 year old girl and I feel im so ugly. I have really really really bright eyes that scare everyone fat cheeks and dark circles under my eye. does anyone Know any natural ways to help me with out using make up??? please help me.


How to get hairier arms?

I want to have hairy arms any way to make my arms more hairy I'm a man?

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Experienced Girls Only (Who Shave lol)

So I've been shaving for about five years now. Yeah,I started young. I wanted to feel grown up and I couldn't stand hair,and still can't. As I shave,I get knicked a lot,no matter what type of razor I use. I even have scars from shaving,and when I had c...


Do girls have hair in their buttholes?

do girls have hairy buttholes?

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Should you use liquid or solid eyeliner

What do you guys think?

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belly button piercing illegal in Nj?

im 14 and live in NJ. how old do I have to be to get a belly button piercing without parental consent or a parent signing something or being ther?? I really want to get it done but my parents said no, the thing is once they c I have it they will be fin...


How much should you shave down there?

how much are you actually supposed to shave 'down there'?
i heard its not good to do the whole thing


Does getting the top of your ear pierced hurt?

I really want my ear pierced at the top but I'm scared it'll hurt.
what rating would you give it from a 1-10 ten being the baddest pain.
I already have my ears pierced three times at the bottom.


How can I make my nipples come out?

ryt, I av big boobz, but my nipples arnt always out and when they are ther very small and they don't stay out for long, I don't like it, how can I make em stay out and make em propper? please help. x x

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How do I get rid of chubby cheeks and straight hair?

I straightened my hair because it was think and tangly and now im growing out my bangs, and its at an awkward stage where I just wish it wasnt so stiff and straight, more soft and straight.. and ideas?

and also, I have chubby cheeks which really ann...


I need some gothic clothing patterns online (free)?

hey every1, im so confused, I've been searching every possible way to find Gothic Clothing Designs and patterns, because im in canada an where im livin for gothic clothes its really crap, an with being great on a sewing machine I thought hey ill make m...


Corn rows

Can any one do there own corn rows I try its hard!


Temporary hair dye

If I dye my hair temporaily black does it always go black or does it sometimes go a weird colour like grey purple or blue and does it how long does it take to wash out and when you wash it out as its fading does it look greyish?


How to pierce my labret by myself?

Hello. Was thinking to get labret piercing by myself.As I do not have much money to go to professional.Many of my friends pierce by themselves.But I dont want my friend to help me pierce because they'll backstab me etc..

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WD-40 safe on hair clippers?

is it okay to use wd-40 on my hair clippers (blades)?


Tattoo's under the age of 16?

I want a tattoo of stars on my wrist, but im only 13.. Can I get a tattoo at the age of 13 with parents permission?

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