Are fake tanning lotions bad for your skin?

Answer #1

Hello.Applied in moderation,these lotions may be good for your skin as they contain certain vitamins and minerals beneficial to the skin.When used alot,they can damage the skin in the long run as it blocks the pores.Rather get a natural tan.

Answer #2

Thanks tebogo, can i just say, skycarev, I have absolutely no idea about what you’re trying to say, but thanks for the input.

Answer #3

yeah most fake things are bad for you

Answer #4

There is a fake tanning lotion from Origins that is absolutely wonderful. It has no harsh chemicals and doesn’t give you that orangey glow. It is MUCH better for you than laying out in the sun in harmful rays and MUCH better for you than the cheap drug store brands.

Answer #5

Nope not at all! But some may streak your skin or make it look an orange color and unnatural. So if you’re thinking of trying any tanning lotion maybe you should start off in a place where it isn’t too viable. Jergans natural glow works pretty well! Hope this helped :)

Answer #6

They will do wonders for moisturizing your skin and giving it color. But be sure to exfoliate your skin before hand so the lotion has a smooth and thorough application. This is to avoid streaking. So to answer your question it is not bad for your skin but if you don’t take the right steps it could be hazardous to other peoples eyes ;)

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