How bad would you say a cartilage piercing hurts?

I want to get one but my moms like "you'll regret it" and "its gonna hurt really bad"

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Depends what cartilage piercing you're talking about.

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Top of the ear

Does it hurt more when you get your tongue pierced, or when you get your bellybutton pierced?

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A helix piercing? Mine kind of stung a bit but it's not unbearable. Compared to other cartilage piercings I've had such as conch and rook, it's really not bad at all.

How much does cartilage piercings hurt?
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Getting it pierced isn't too bad, unless you're like me & hate getting ear piercings, it still isn't that bad I just don't like it. It's more of the healing that hurts, your hair gets caught in it & it hurts to lay on it.

How bad does a lip piercing hurt?

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It doesn't hurt it feels slightly more intense than the lobe, but it isn't too bad. Just like a bee sting and a throbbing pain, but it's different for everyone.

How bad does a rook piercing hurt?
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What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting?

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i got my cartilage peirced in 6th grade (im now a jr in highschool) it hurt me for a long while like sleeping on it and stuff was a hassle. Other than that the actual peircing itself did not hurt. now i got my nose, monroe, and my ears are gauged to a size 0g

Is it possible to have cartilage sticking out of a cartilage piercing?
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My cartilage piercing was probably the most painful piercing I got.
Well, both my industrial and cartilage were the most painful out of my nape piercing, septum, lobes, snake bites, corset piercing.
The healing process is brutal.
But after a couple months, you won't really notice it. That's my experience. My 5 week old industrial has hypertrophic scarring, you could get that if you're getting your piercing snagged into things or bumping it too much. It's ugly and it's hard to rid of.
Any piercing is a risk, just consider it.

Do snakebite piercings hurt?

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It's not to bad till afterward. The afterwards pain u will have a hard time sleeping on it

How badly do nose piercings hurt?
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It's not to bad till afterward. The afterwards pain u will have a hard time sleeping on it

Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?

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