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Is it Agoraphobia or is it Social Phobia?

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I was never scared of anything.I was never scared of socialite or being social. When I was 16 I started to use drugs,hung out with wrong people,do bad things.I had problems in college because of drugs.However one time I nearly got raped and since then I started to fall in deep depression.I started to sit all day home,I had no friends and I rarely went out.Every day I was just sitting at home cause I was scared of what happened in the past.All my friends betrayed me and got me alone with the rapist.I got withdrawn from people,I was just scared to go out alone.I still could remember the way this guy touched,held kissed me,although I tried to resist and the end I did escape but my life turned into depression and I hardly ever went out and after some time I started to get social phobia,I couldn't go out,I was scared to look somebody in the eye,I got withdrawn from people.I cant go places where are too much people,I got nervous always when I see someone and I hate to stand in a shop Que. It makes me feel nervous and I have to avoid looking in people eyes,which makes me feel standing there like stunned tree,looking nervous.I never had this problem before but now this is destroying my life.I cant go places like weddings and big shop.I am not scared of people but I think maybe something has gone wrong with my brains because I cant concentrate in front of people,I got stunned and my eyes just cant look further away I just wanted to run away.My mind got stunned.I manage to stay calm but my eyes got this fear to look in front of others.This is destroying my life.I cant look at people in the eyes and I am unavailable to go to entertainment places.I am struggling.What should I do and I don't want to go to doctors?Is this agoraphobia or is it social phobia?How can I get better?