What are some good color combos I can get to do a base color and crackle for my nail color?

Answer #1

Pretty much any bold color with black crackle. Turquoise crackle with white base, or the other way around. A lighter shade of a color with a darker shade of the same color crackle, like light blue with dark blue crackle. Gold base with white!

My personal favorite is when you do a gradient as a base with crackle on top. I like a gradient with pink to orange to yellow, and then black crackle on top. The gradient can be any set of colors really, just as long as it’s not too dark if you are using a black crackle.

Oh I also love just using crackle on the nail tips, kind of like a french manicure, so where in a french manicure the white would be, I would put a layer of crackle with any color base on the whole nail.

Answer #2

The last one looks kinda ugly on short nails though xD

Answer #3

Cool thanks and my nails are pretty long but thanks for the info :-)

Answer #4

http://funadvice.com/r/16c5957dnes u may possibly choose a good one from here

Answer #5

Black FTW

Answer #6

black and yellow, complementary colours (purple and yellow, blue and orange, red and green, etc) black and white.

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