Why do we wear clothing?

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think about how many rapes there would be and some people ddont want others seeing them naked and dont want to see others naked

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If everyone is naked (including the authorities) then there would be no way to be arrested because it wouldn't be a crime. It would be equivalent to wearing clothing.

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Top* half

Man wearing tight clothes
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not everyone would want to participate though, so there would always be people who refuse to walk around naked, and when people work at certain places they should not be allwed to be naked

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The point is that if clothes never existed then people wouldn't know how to dislike being naked

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Way back.... likely for protection from the elements and enviornment. Today.... the world economy would end without the trillion dollar industries.

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What a basic question!!

It's just assumed that we all wear clothes isn't it? How much do we cover up actually? That's left to personal choice (as long as nothing's offensive!). I guess the basic reason to stay protected from elements is always there.

Apart from that, wearing clothes today is important to reflect something about yourself. (Being naked says nothing, except maybe you like streaking!).

Clothes are all about style, a personal statement, without a word having been said. What you've got to do is just pick out those ones that speak your sense of fashion the best!

- Fashionista
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the bible says that we wear clothes because of imperfection. that when adam and eve sinned when eating the forbidden fruit that their eyes opened, they noticed that they were naked and were embarrassed so god covered them with clothing

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