Is there a way to get spray paint to dry faster?

I sprayed several coats of RustOleum all surface paint on plastic. It says to use in at least 10C temperature, I brought it into the house where it’s 20C at least. It says it is supposed to be dry to touch in 30 min, dry to handle within an hour and then fully dry in 24 hours. It’s been more than an hour and it is still completely wet, I probably used too many coats at once. Is there a way to get it to dry faster? I need it by tonight preferably. This is the one I am using

Answer #1

Let It dry on It’s own.

mine drys in 15 mins or less :D look

Answer #2

I have that paint to, and at 15 minutes, it’s only dry to touch hasn’t had time to cure yet. I need mine to dry faster, it’s supposed to be dry enough to handle in an hour :( but it’s still liquid.

Answer #3

Yeah hope It drys faster :)

Answer #4

Maybe put a fan by it

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