How to make my signed shirt (with sharpie) not fade?

Like i know you’re not supposed to wash it often etc, but like should I limit wearing it ? how can i make it not fade

Answer #1

Go over it with Sharpie after it starts to fade.

Answer #2

Iron or put in drier for 10 minutes or so. This will keep it bright. When you wash it, turn it inside out. I hope I helped!

Answer #3

you need a fabric marker and a good one… even some of the fabric markers fade after a wash…

Answer #4

Go over it with a good fabric marker or fabric paint pen- although that kinda ruins the authenticity of the signature if it’s like signed by a band/famous person. It just depends if you mind going over it. But yeah sharpie won’t last as brightly as a specifically designed fabric pen. Maybe next time you go to a concert or wherever you got the shirt signed, bring a fabric pen!

Answer #5

Hand wash my friend (:

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