Would you own a corpse flower?

I think there pretty but boy do they stink

Answer #1

I think the odour of decomp would be a little too much for me - I’d stick with having a nice print or painting of one ;)

Answer #2

I like the smell of corpses in the spring. O_O No I don’t. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Answer #3

Lol, I think they smell better on a nice hot swelttering summer day

Answer #4

Eww! Do they attract flies?

Answer #5

They attract some insect can’t remember which one, but that’s how it gets polinated

Answer #6

They have sex with a corpse!!!!!! Those bugs! lol.

Answer #7

Yep they do, lol, not really but that was funny :-)

Answer #8

No, haha, I wouldn’t. I don’t even think they’re that great looking.

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