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Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site for all of the helpful information. I was hoping to hear current thoughts on double electric oven. I am looking to purchase in the $2500-$3000 range, so that prices me out of some of the brands that appear to be well regarded (Wolf, DCS, Dacor, Miele).
I explored the KitchenAid Architect II Series, and was intrigued until I read the horror stories of exploding glass doors and catastrophic self cleaning modes. Is this still a problem for KA? The rep at my local appliance store is pushing the Bosch 500 series, but I haven't been able to find a great deal of commentary on this model.
Can anyone give me advice on models that you like in this price range? Thanks very much,

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I am in the market as well and have been on these boards a lot lately looking for information. I read from one of the regular posters that two single ovens are better than double ovens. Without getting too technical, this poster said that the double ovens are more problematic and if something goes wrong then the full (huge) unit needs to be pulled out whereas with two if something goes wrong you still have a functioning oven and it may be easier to repair.

I am now thinking of a single wall oven with a speed oven. I have never had a speed oven before but the reviews here on GW seem very favorable. What I have read is that for smaller meals it is easier and quicker to heat up the speedoven and then you have a microwave as well and don't have to find a place for that to live. This would also help you keep your costs down. You may be able to find a floor model to buy as well at a local appliance shop. I have seen plenty in my travels but not exactly what I am looking for. "

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