How do you like your toilet paper - over or under?

Answer #1

Whichever way as long as it’s on the roll and NOT on the ground. I hate bending down after a poo, I’m afraid I might smear the seat. :[

Answer #2

i like over

Answer #3


Answer #4


Answer #5

I never really gave it any thought :)

Answer #6

I think over o.0

Answer #7


Answer #8

Over is the way it should go, however, it leaves it vulnerable to the wily ways of my cats, so I have no choice but to place it in the much safer under position.

Answer #9

I don’t care as long as I have something to wipe my bum :p

Answer #10


Answer #11

over, under is too hard to rip

Answer #12

i like it over

Answer #13

We always put it over.. Just always have feels weird when it’s under.

Answer #14

Over. The paper that is printed or embossed is done so for “over” display.

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