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I awoke not remembering a thing of the previous week in a tiny dark wood cottage. I arose and began to walk towards the door; the floorboards creaking under my feet, but as I arose the pain hit me my back became sore and and my knees weak; I fell to the ground and passed out.      The I awoke now strong enough to stand. Approximately two days later and looked at my watch. The dial stopped spinning; I wound the watch to find it to spin in a completely erratic pattern, first it would spin for hours in a minute and turn and spin back to the other direction. I pushed myself off the ground finally strong enough to walk.     I walked all the way to the door and found it open with a loud creak but sure and easy. That's when I saw it; this place was the strangest thing I had ever seen. Seeing a strange human approaching me quickly, I noticed it was a corpse not a living person. It hit me that I had a knife at my side I pulled it from its sheath and threw it. Hitting my target directly in its skull. The corpse fell to the ground dead. I moved over quickly and quietly to withdraw my knife. I examined it to realize it punctured the skull straight to the brain. Though I was weak I still had my skill.      I spotted a lake with a waterfall spilling into it. It was about a ten minute walk downhill. I began to walk and noticed a few very strange bushes bushes  with red leaves and white berries on them taking them and putting them in a pouch that hung by my belt. The rest of the walk was fairly uneventful.     

Rate it on a scale from one to ten of how interested you are in it. I will write a lot more into it if it gets a good interest rate