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How do I paint walls to resemble an 8-Bit video game?

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I'm a college student with my own place, but my mother lives nearby, so I spend weekends at her house (because my apartment is cramped and she just moved, so she needs help for the next year or so as she settles in and redoes the house to her liking). There is a downstairs bedroom that we're planning to redo for me when I stay over (also because after my lease is up, I may move back in for a while to save money and help her out more). We want to do something fun and custom for me when I stay over, and as a big gaming fan, I lept when I saw a room in a magazine painted to look like a screenshot from the original Super Mario Bros. We've agreed that I can paint the walls to look like screenshots from one of my favorite old-school games, the original Legend of Zelda. I picked out three screenshots that we are going to put on three of the walls, but we're not sure how to proceed. Should we "blow up" (aka enlarge) the pictures on the computer and print them out in sections to make stencils? Should we look into making decals? What would be a good start that won't break the bank for us? (Thankfully, the screenshots I want to use are simple, and only have a few colors, so it'll be easy to paint the backgrounds, we're more worried about how to paint the details and sprites like the characters, enemies, etc)