How do you get blood out of a couch?

Answer #1

umm…stain remover?

Answer #2

kinda hard to do.. Id say maybe a professional could help..?

Answer #3

Scrub it with soap and cold water. Don’t use warm water as it will soak the blood in further.

Answer #4

soap and called water. WHY DO U NEED TO REMOVE BLOOD????

Answer #5

Oxi clean should get that out

Answer #6

flip the cushion over! hehehe ;)

Answer #7

salt, soap and cold water

Answer #8

Get some hydrogen peroxide and use about a cap full of it and put it on the blood stain area. If the bubbles start to come up it’s working. I use it all the time and is a life saver. good luck

Answer #9

We’re girls…let’s just say we have experience with blood stains. Lol. The soap & cold water thing works. If nothing else works you could give nail polish remover a shot too - the other day I seriously got nail polish out of the CARPET with it so it’s stronger than I thought XD

Answer #10

I do wonder why you need to know but Soap and Cold water will do wonders in most cases however if it is a LOT of blood that will not work. Also depends on how long it was there before too.

I professional can get it out with a deep cleaner or you could possibly go to a store that supplies companies that clean crime scenes and buy it your self. For $20 to $150 depends on what one you get.

For umm things like afterbirth I would sujest just paying some one to do it for you since there could be some tissue in there was well and your not going to want to get that deeper in it.

Why do you need blood removed?

Answer #11

Cold water and soap. And @the other answers, you don’t need to wonder why. Blood stains happen.

Answer #12

girls??? only them??? hmmmm girls are murderers?? why do u do such stuff? jkkkk

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