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Who is more beautiful?

Lexie Contusi (from laguna beach 3) or Shenae Grimes (annie from 90210)
if you don't know them you could research them
they very pretty girls and I was thinking about it who is more beautiful
and I want to know ppls opinion on this


What kind of mascara do you use

What brand of mascara do you use? I use great lashes mabeyline it doesnt work very well do you know a kind that doesnt clump up


Who has heard of the Kadori flat iron??

I heard its amazing, and debating weather or not to buy one.


Anyone noe any more good colors for contacts?

Ii liike dah way ii look wiit contacts.

Ii have hazel and grey.

Anyone noe any more good colors?

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Boring hair

What should I do with my hair? I want it colored and stuff . Any suggestions?


what clothes look best?

I'm 53, workout a lot , am very muscular in my upper body and legs..bust 38, waist 26 hips 34..size 10 pants fit perfectly except they squueze my belly up and it comes out the top of my pants. Looks like I have a life jacket on...clothes look


skinid questionnn!

does anyone that uses or has used skinid by neutrogena know how long it took before it started working? and does it work really good? im thinking about ordering it but I dont want to waste my money on it if it doesnt even work good.


New hairstyle ?

Thats me now. Im getting my cut today. What should I do to it ?
Note, I dont want it short !

K thanks.
X x x


Fadding Hair

What would happen if I fade my hair too often?


what can I do with my hair?

my hair is naturally straight. but when I was getting a hair cut the stupid lady person cut wayyy too much off. and now it is above my shoulder. what can I do with it? latley I've just been wearing it down. it wont go up into a pony tail. but I need i...


What kind of eye makeup is hot?

Is it the natural to minimal? Really dark and smokey? Colours? Or like pink and girly?
Guys and girls opinions!

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what is a good hairstyle ?

my head is kinda shaped like a circle but at times it seems longish. and I wanted to know how I can style my hair so it wont look to round. any hair styles haircuts?
-thanx <3


This isn't a question, it's an answer to yours.

I have had my hair turn orange before and it's not fun at all. What you have to do is go in to a salon and have them die it once a week for a month and it should be the colour you want. I f you want it platinum go in for another week. Never buy the stu...


Is this cute to wear?

so my sister is graduatin high school soon and im going to the graduation and I wanna look cute haha butt casual. I dont wanna look like I tried too hard or sumthin lol I was thinkin maybe like:

a yellow dress kinda like a sundress/ or like a yellow f...

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Are you good doing make-up??

Is anyone out there good at doing make-up or is a cosmotoligist.


what should I use for dandraf?

I have dandraf..for that my hair is fallen too much..can you guyz advice me?


Am I pretty or not?

I know you are probably getting sick of people asking this kinda stuff but im sick of getting put down and told that im ugly. so I want your honest opinion. am I pretty?


How do I get my deoderant to stop rubbing off on my dress?

How do I get my deoderant to stop rubbing off on my dress? its a tank top dress thing and I don't want the white to rub off on it

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Will this haircut look good?

ok my hair is dirty blonde with natural highlights and its long it goes down to the middle of my back but I want it medium length I have layers but I want shorter ones that go to my nose or ears and I was thinking bout getting my hair cut to right abov...


I want long hair!

is their anyway of getting your hair to grow faster? I'm sick of my shoulder length bob! I don't want to wear extensions, because I don't want people to be able to tell. my mum wont let me anyway, she says their 'common' or something. please help :D x


anyone have any ideas for makeup?

well if you look on my pics you see I wear lots of eyeliner with flicks at both sides

im gettin a bit bored of that now

anyone have aany good ideas?


what are some good moisturisers for face and body?

hey what are some good moisturisers for the face and body? I dont want anything that go oily,I have fair skin not pale but not dark either


What is a good emo hairstyle?

Im gettin bored of mine I have short hairr by the way

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I see extra Looong

I dont wanna make this into a race thing but around my neighbor hood I see a lot of black guys with shirts that come down to their ankles(spell error lol) so why do guys like to wear shirts that look like a girls nightgown???

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