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You look like her

People always tell me I look like a celebrity but thay never say who and it bothers me I just want to no if I do or dont when I ask who thay say I cant remimber her name but you look just like her


Do cheek piercins hurt?

Do cheek piercins hurt? Im goa get them done but I dont know yet I have my nose belly button ears 12 time and lip and they didnt hurt so what do ya think?


Is it true that you can get Pro Active In Wal*Mart?

Well I was wondering, if you could get Pro Active In Wal*Mart

My friend told me but I thought you could only order it???


poker straight

how can you make your hair really straight ?

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Dresses I need help

Its my 18th an im looking for a lovely cheap dress one thats not to short but nt 2 long. I have tried lipsy and diva, boohoo, next, all that kind thing can anyone help me.


What eyeshadow to apply to different colored eyes?

My eyes are two different colors, half brown and half blue, very rare, what color eye shodow should I ware??And how should it be applied?


What prom dresss should my friend wear?

My friend annet wants to got to prom but she dosen't know what kind or color to where.

Color: ?

And fill in the other sections.


Can you learn to use color contacts without seeing a doctor?

like learning to put them in and take them out myself? will I poke my eye lol. thanks:)


Feeling bad

I don't know why its like 1 week my face gonna looks so dull and looks dark..blemish dark circle pimple all bad thng...and also the shape of ma face..looks ma face like 26 years..but m only 20..I don't know what happend to me...what should I ...


Evening event, is this acceptable to wear?

I have a "formal" dinner/evening event on friday, and dont know what to wear. Well I was thinking wearing a high waisted black skirt with a pair of heels and then some top...but I dont know whether to go:
1) tank top with braces
2) Blouse/shirt
3) hi...


How to get my hair to look better?

I'm a young Jamaican with hair like African Americans. It's permed and yet it still doesn't look right. I don't know what the problem is. If it's because it's not being treated properly or what. Would someone please give me some advice on how to get my...


Hair Productsto get volume?

What hair products do you use for your hair to get volume? I've tried a few different ones, but just thought I'd ask people.

I have "scene hair" I'm not scene, if you know what that is, but that's the type of hair that I have.

So any suggestions wou...


I think my hair is falling outt

ithink my hair is falling outtt, and when I straighten it I have small hair that stick up!!!

how can I stop my hair from falling out and small hairs from sticking out!! ???



This is a question from my fran. She is 14 an 135 in weigth. It plays sports and is VERY gorgeous! But one problem she has strech marks on the legs.
How did they get there.? And ho wdo you get rid of them, FAST?

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How old do you think I am?

do I look my age? some other girl just asked this same question but now I'm old do you think I am? people tell me I look like I'm at least in my twenties but take a guess:


How should she get her hair cut?

I have a friend named Sara.She is a brunette. Her hair is right above her shoulders and she has freckles not a lot but some and she don't know how she should get her hair cut.

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Get over it..

I can't get over over the fact that I think im so ugly. I mean ya my fiance tells me in beautiful I still dont feel the same way... I dont know what I am asking from you just give me the truth ...


Has anyone had problems with cosmetic contacts?

I have been thinking about getting cosmetic contacts to change my eye color only are they good imean has anyone had problems with them??


I want to stay short!

k so I will be 15 in august and I am 4"11 and I really love my height! and I dont want to grow but this year I have grown like 2 inches and I am afraid I will grow another 2 inches this year! please is there anything I can do to stay short? thanks

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Okay, what do you think??

I have long light brown wavy hair and an oval face. I'm thinking about getting my hair cut like Alice's from the Twilight movie. Has anyone got her hair cut?? what do you think, will it suit me???

thanks :)


Where can I find cheap makeup brushes?

Can anybody let me know what websites I can use too buy cheap brushes.



What does powder/foundation do to the face?

..i mean i tried it on and theirs no difference?


skinid questionnn!

does anyone that uses or has used skinid by neutrogena know how long it took before it started working? and does it work really good? im thinking about ordering it but I dont want to waste my money on it if it doesnt even work good.


Are you good doing make-up??

Is anyone out there good at doing make-up or is a cosmotoligist.


Am I pretty or not?

I know you are probably getting sick of people asking this kinda stuff but im sick of getting put down and told that im ugly. so I want your honest opinion. am I pretty?