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How do you make your face look prettier?

I hate my face ,I think im ugly its not really fat or thin but I just dont see myself as pretty.What can I do without using there any foods,creams,make up or something to make you look prettier.


Is there such a thing as a fake belly button ring?

So i really want to get a my belly button pierced but my parents won't let me so i was just wondering if there was a fake one that could stick or clip on or somethin. thanks:)


Want to change my style

I used to be a tomboy and I didnt wear nice clothes, but no I have a burning desire to get cute clothes and lip gloss/etc.

I dont know what happened, but if I go to cute clothes that fit me, I am worried that my friends will laugh at me.
I just dont k...

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Hi I just got my lip done and its swolan at the back and I was wondering is this normal


Shavin below

Are you supposed to shave your pubic hairs?lol

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Dark circles

Im young and have dark areas under my eye, is there away to get rid of that a natural way or tell me a great cream for this. thankz


Black in or out?

Well im pretty preppy. But im not a snoppy preppy.well anyways I painted my nails black and I love it. It looks awsome against my skin tone. Im a pretty tan tell me watcha think, or if you ever have painted your nail black and did you like it?

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What is the highest rated mascara?

What is the best waterproof mascara for grey blue and reddish hair?


Who knows about MAC make-up?

I want to get some foundation and powder from MAC but I am not sure what color I am. if you look at my picture can anyone please tell me what color I may be? please thankx!


Do I resemble anyone famous to you?

Only curious?


What are some really good Halloween costumes?

But they can’t be embarrassing because I have to wear them to school!


Ramdom/ Confusing

Just wondering
When someone says they are ugly, people think they are depressed
when someone says they are pretty people think they are conceeded
What are you supposed to say That you are ugly or pretty?
Or is their a happy medium?


Are you more of a prep or more sporty??

what do you consider urself...more of a prep or more sporty?
Im not preppy AT ALL!!! because Im really more of a tomboy but sometimes I do wear preppy things but nothing like all the jewlery and stuff!!

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Best fashion magazine in your opinion?

What is your favorite fashion magazine (ex; teen vouge, vouge, allure, glamour..etc)


What items can I recycle and use to make a dress for cat walk?

I have to make a dress for my college cat walk, the theme is recycled. I was thinking maybe cutting up loads of bits of different colour walker crisp packets, but I don't know yet. What other things can I do? any ideas will be appreciated


What is it in things that gives it scent?

like how flowers or perfume have a scent. is it some sort of chemical?


What can I do to my hair without an iron help?

I have shoulder length thick red hair with layers, and im so tired of iy being straight! I cant put it up because of the layers. I hate using a curling iron and flat iron because they take so much time!! I dont like to use products because theyre expen...


Does anyone know a way to remove "temporary" dye left overs??

Okay, so i dyed my hair purple for my sister wedding last month and it was already coming out quickly when i washed my hair. Since i wanted to go blond (and the color was already washing out a lot) i decided to just bleach it so it would go quicker... ...


What should our senior prom shirt say?

Im a senior this year and me and my friends want to have shirts for senior prom and were not sure what they should say on them? any ideas would be great


What new look should I get?

I want a new look. It needs to be relitivly inexpensive. I don't want to change who I am, I just want a new look. Any suggestions?


How can I convince people I'm not a prep?

well in elementary skool i have to idmit i thought i was the best thing ever and yea i was a prep and like i was friends with everyone and all i wore was abercrombie everything!! but now yea i wear abercrombie and some hollister all the time but i dont...


Goth please help

Im going goth and I need help with nailpolish tips please and sme with songs makeup and stuff please


How many stereotypes are there?

How many stereotypes are there? The only ones I know are emo & prep (and I think I'm kinda both)

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