What are some gothic makeup tips?

I’m ‘goth’ I guess you could say and I never tend to wear makeup because I’m too lazy. I’ve decided to get into the habit and need some tips. I can’t wear foundation cause my skin breaks out, and I need a eyeliner that will not smudge and is easy to apply. I’m not looking for any designs around the eyes yet.

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in my opinion - I would re-consider, gothic is dark, dark is associated with evil - I wouldn’t want to see your life start a downward spiral…this has been my experience so I just hope you avoid going down that road.

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OK, first of all, to call her pretty and amblessed :you two need to keep your mouths shut because you don’t know what you are talking about. Not only am I a Christian, I went to Bible college and am a Music Minister. Also, I am a goth. There is nothing inherently evil about gothic subculture. I went to many a “Christian” school where the goths were good christians and the “normal” kids were druggies, drunks and sex addicts. So please stop making the Christian people look bad. Maybe you should open your mind and eat with the so called “sinners” like Christ did. SECONDLY, as for the question on makeup: not wearing foundation really puts a damper on the look. However, not all hope is lost. The best thing you can do is maintain naturally beautiful skin (I can’t make it without my Proactiv acne products) Then all you really need is to play around with lipsticks and eyeliners. GO CRAZY with color. Another fun thing-for special occasions- would be to play with wacky false eyelashes, they give a lot of bang for the buck. GOOD LUCK!!

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Eyeliner, mascara.

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wow a lot of answers… but evil and dark have nothing to do with each other…black and gray eyeshadow is a must along with eyeliner. foundation is good aslong as you dont make urself look fake/chalky…

hope this helps

  • an awesome person.
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For the love of all that is holy do not jump for the whiteface. It makes one look positively ghastly–in that “clown on crack” way!

Use a foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone and dust it with white setting powder to get a properly pallid complexion.

Don’t go crazy on the eyeliner and eyeshadow unless you’ve had ample practice in front of a mirror AND checked it out with a few trusted friends. Settle for a lipstick or lipgloss color that looks deliciously dark without giving off the “I found this in the clearance section of the local party store” vibe.

And most of all, be smart about it. If you have any thoughts, ANY thoughts at all, that you might look like you’ve had flour and ink thrown on your head simultaneously, DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE UNTIL YOU HAVE WASHED THAT DISGRACE OFF AND APPLIED SOMETHING MORE SUBTLE.

Take care, dearies.

::The Raven::

Answer #6

well first of all get neutrogena makeup that is oil free and most of it is acne clearing. it is expensive but ti works great. use concealer to cover up your blemishes and then foundation to get an even skin tone and then powder to hold it in.

and really, you should probibly be buying eyeliner that does smudge. if you are gothic a little smudged eyeliner would look good with your look. put it on the top eye lid and then use a wet q-tip to strieghten it out untill you can smudge it to perfection.

Answer #7

im a big fan of the Avon eyeliners - inexpensive, easy to apply and they dont smudge if you rub your eyes!… also I found the most awesome lipstick the other day- its Loreal Colour Riche Star Secrets #701… gorgeous deep red that looks awesome and stays on for ever. Dont know if any of these things are available outside Australia or NZ, but they are worth getting your paws on!

Answer #8

black eye liner mostly on the bottom put ALOT! black mascara. black or dark colored eyeshadow some blood red or black lipstick
and last black nailpolish! hope this helps

Answer #9

Dark associated with evil??? I simply cannot sit idly by while that one goes by unchecked. So night time is evil. Deep space is evil. Oh crap, what about black people? Do you associate them with evil, too, amblessed? Hmmm, I wonder what the root of all evil DOES actually stem from. Silly me, I thought it was bigotry, racism, meanness, judgemental attitudes, and classism! All this time, I’ve been so misled by actually waiting to see if a person shows me their evil, when I could have just assumed it all along by the color of their clothing and make up!

Even further, I have never seen any evil or malice or any of those things above from a Goth. They’re people. Mostly teens, searching for acceptance and others like them who have a penchant the dramatic, romaticism, fashion, and music that’s usually European or Industrial in nature. Nowadays, “emo rockers” are quickly becoming meshed with Goth and a new era of fun, fashion forward teens are being born who like My Chemical Romance and I don’t know, that Fall Out Boy band who sings about being sad and unloved and heartbroken more than anything else. The horror! What a true downward spiral!

It’s not Little House on the Prairie days, people. You would think we were in an era where your basic emotional, moody, deeper than the average teenager could wear black and not be judged with some-out-of-date, egotistical, elitist bullcrap that spews forth from the mouth of every upper middle class, priveledged teenager grown into your basic soft-in-the-middle bigot. Good luck raising your perfect little cheerleaders who will go out swallowing X and making homemade meth in your bathub when you’re in Cabo living blind and looking down on anyone that doesn’t shop at Old Navy and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Now, on to fun make up techniques for the cute goth girl.

Well, learning new make up techniques is just about having fun and trying new things. A concept foreign to some. But good for you!

Try a liquid liner. It’s real precise and it really doesn’t smudge. It doesn’t always stay deep and dark, kind of fades, so you may need to reapply. But try it, it’s fun to play with.

Every gotthie needs black eyeshadow. I have a tray that includes black, white, and gray. That’s fun to mess with.

A great trick that I wish I learned long ago is to apply the black eyeshadow over your eyeliner. It gives you that great smudgy, smoky look. Use a skinny make up brush, or the skinny end of the spongy applicator.

Also, apply the eyeshadow underneath your eye on your eyelash roots, as well as try it out for a cat eye look on the inside near the eyeball.

You said you don’t want to mess with too many eye techniques, but if you’re not into much else, you should try that first. And, of course, BLOOD red lipstick.

I’ve been into red lipstic for years. I rarely ever find a red lipstickthat doesn’t look more pink once you get it on your lips, though. A good remedy is to color your lips with a brown or black (apply lightly) pencil eyeliner, or a dark red or brown lip liner (I find that even most red lip liners are to “pink”, though, but I think N.Y.C makes a good dark red one). Then take your red lipstick and go over it with a lip brush if you have one–that’s best. I find that works best for a deep, dark blood red lipstick. The black/brown base on your lips cancels out the pink. Experiment with it. If you’re new at make up, it takes time to get it just right. The goal is to NOT have the brown or black showing at all underneath the red. That’s why a lip brush works best, it really mixes it together.

Good luck and have fun! Make up is sooo fun to play with!

Answer #10

I suggest neutrogena as well for a nice even skin tone and the fair color gives your skin a nice porcelain glow. As for the eyes use eyeshadows in three shades. The medium shade will cover your eyelid the darkest for the crease in your eye and the lightest above your eyelid to open up your eyes and really make them pop. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay makeup but it is pretty pricey. Liquid liner is the way to go for your lids and for under your eye a nice pencil will do just fine. For the finisher of the eyes use 2 coats of mascara but ONLY on your top eyelashes otherwise it’ll look a little too extreme and chunky. You can check out some pictures of my makeup on www.myspace.com/terr0rincognita for ideas. I enjoy the cat eyes, I think their beautiful! Hope this helps!!

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@_@ amblessed I just kind of want to slap you right now. I’m not goth, never have been but i have a bunch of friends who are. None of them are “evil” they’re some of the best people out there. You know what evil is? Juging something from the outside. If you know nothing about said subject it’s better to keep quiet.

ANYYWAAY. I say black does always work. I also say stay away from black lipstick if you know you cannot work it. Because black lipstick doesnt work well one everyone and that’s it.

Answer #12

now this is what makes me mad.

goth people arent evil. it doesnt make you a bad person.

if you dont just dress it. and you act it. you just love music.

its not about worshiping the devil.

goths actually do better in school than most. they want to succeed in life.

goths are the hippies of today because they dont want to be like everyone else.

they are some of the only real people left in todays society

Answer #13

+++and I 100% disagree sorry but I’m a goth aswel and most goths don’t fit that stereotype at all in fact its the complete opposite being goth is nothing to do with being evil its just the music you like the clothes you wear (which can actually be quite elegant and beautiful) so no disrespect to the other two but being gothic is beautiful and mysterious and to answer your question you might want to check out brands like manicpanic and brands created to compliment the goth movement just search gothic make-up on google and you will end up with a lot of great sites and if you need any tips then you can e-mail me and I would be happy to help raven_vs_crow@hotmail.co.uk

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Answer #15

oh I completely agee with her. I really hope that this is just your look and not your lifestyle.

Answer #16

I am a Goth who cannot establish claims of an advanced age, although you cannot disregard of the Elder Goths, as they provide the foundation of the culture due to their unwavering endurance, although ‘foundation’ is apparent, yet is unfortunately quite deficient irrespective of those who are willing to preserve of it. I became a Goth and modified my appearance merely 5 years ago, and I am quite content with this manner of being. It is assumed that discrimination against Goths is merely a trivial and humorous matter, although it is certainly not, and a genuine Goth would remain a Goth for the duration of his or her existence, and continue to maintain the appearance as well. I cannot possibly comprehend why it is that Goth is perceived of as some sort of personal choice, rather than a source of enlightenment and legitimate belief system that people are actually devoted to, and that Goths, on the condition that they wish to cease experiencing prejudice and intolerance, should simply revert to their previous beliefs and discard of their ‘Gothdom,’ despite the fact that Goth is similiar to a religion in numerous respects, and is definitely a valid culture, although unfortunately is not very well received by the Dominant Culture and is therefore perceived as something done in jest and insincerity a.k.a. a ‘phase.’ When Goths complain they are simply considered ‘angsty’ rather than possessing a legitimate purpose for experiencing such emotions in relation to the circumstances. Haven’t the majority of non-Goths ever conceived of why it is that despite an unreasonable amount of discrimination that Goths confront daily they continue to espouse the beliefs and dress in black and apply ‘unconventional’ makeup?

I am cognizant of the fact that Goths are not of your kind. We do not adhere to identical or even similar values, yet we simply desire peace. We are a pacifistic community and therefore could never invoke this unjust treatment upon ourselves. My intention is not to convert you to my ways - I simply desire your patience in reading this. I wish to merit your company and walk amongst your kind without the lingering shame concerning who I am. I wish to accomplish what you accomplish, to simply arrive within a public location without being ridiculed. I myself possess numerous aspirations that I am unfortunately unable to achieve due to the conservative society declining my offers of contributing to civilization. Yet it is not I who shuns them in return, as certain Goths do, rather, I strive for the common good. I would not refrain from assisting others when my assistance is needed. I recognize morals and principals, and attempt to do what is ethical in any given situation. I may perceive of such matters in a manner which is contrasting to society, yet this desire is what all human beings share to a certain extent. It is inherent within us all, some more so than others.

I must request something of you and I shall remain grateful up to the interval of time by which I cease existing and perhaps beyond that. Distribute the information pertaining to Goth being a genuine culture. Endorse my attempts to produce increasing awareness of this matter which is significant to me. I am simply addressing what should have been addressed prior to when I myself had expressed it. There are numerous Goths of which are often prepared to address this matter although unfortunately do not. It is evident that Goths would prefer establishing the Gothic Culture, although to do this they must be willing to devote their time and effort into achieving it. Yet there is an utter lack of regard for such an important matter which indicates their lack of sincere devotion. I often succumb to a gradual condition of melancholy as I imagine the potential which is inherent within Goth that will never be recognized due to the so-called ‘adherents’ themselves contributing to the very death of Goth. It is as if Gothic people wish to be discriminated against, as they are not attempting to acquire rights or perhaps influence. This persecution complex is making them unsuccessful, and they must discard of it. Dedication of adherents is what will prove to be advantageous, and I am certain if Goths simply become more outspoken when pertaining to issues involving their culture and also remain committed there will be no concern of Goth ceasing to exist within the future.

The perception of Goth as some sort of social scene apparently does not do it justice. Goth is an anomaly of what it should be, as it is lacking foundation – as I had mentioned previously. The ‘Elder Goths’ are often in their 20s, and it appears as though Goth is merely an extension of their youth that they are unwilling to abandon, which absolutely appalls me. The entire concept of ‘youth subcultures’ appalls me as well. If you integrate yourself into a culture or subculture for a purpose, why should a person’s age automatically disqualify such a person from participating? Especially when there are millions of people involved worldwide rather than it being confined to a specific high school (which therefore WOULD meet the requirements essential to being considered an adolescent-oriented subculture). There is nothing specifically youth-oriented about Goth. Goths are not expected to experience antipathy towards ‘preps’ (who most often detest such a label and do not wish to be associated with it) and celebrate teen angst, as certain non-Goths would contend. The Gothic genre of music itself does not convey to others the inherent lack of maturity of the enthusiasts. Therefore it should be assumed that Goth is reserved for simply those who identify with it, irrespective of age.

Goth is certainly not exactly what would be considered a religion in precise terms, although it could DEFINITELY be referred to as a culture, belief system, and spiritual path. For the majority of Goths who do not place emphasis on committment, there are also quite a few who do, including myself, yet these are seldom acknowledged, which is simply awful. I am passionate as an adherent of this specific belief system, and therefore I rigidly advocate the addition of standards which permit no deviation. Therefore only the most devoted of adherents will possess the honor with which to proclaim themselves as adherents. Goths may be tolerant of others, although this is no reason to obnubilate what the term Goth is intended to refer to. After all, people are considered ‘poseurs’ anyhow, despite the lack of definitive standards, and as a result they should therefore be able to understand WHY others are referencing them in such a disparaging manner. The imposition of standards would eliminate confusion, although it would require the assistance of the indispensible members of the Gothic community, rather than the efforts of one person, and that is what would appear to be quite challenging, especially since Goths are distributed throughout the world, rather than within a distinct location, and also because Goths are individuals who are capable of making well-formulated decisions, implying that their ideas and my ideas may not come into accord. They may perhaps be utterly opposed to the mere consideration of Goth becoming established. This is what I am dreadful of.

I wish to establish a distinct unit within Goth. It shall be appreciated, and eventually Goth shall no longer be considered a ‘scene’ in entirety and shall acquire hate crime legislation within locations where it had not previously been conceived of. I am a genuine, sincere Gothic person and this will never change. I do not advocate Goths who modify themselves in favor of immersing themselves into a ‘conservative’ setting or obtaining employment. Corporate Goths could NEVER be regarded as Goths, in my opinion, for they lack the ability to fight resolutely for their legal rights and protection and would simply prefer what is less difficult, although can such people honestly examine themselves and infer that they are genuine? ‘Corporate Goth’ is a loathesome trend reserved for the weak, for those who are unwilling to endure what it is that the non-Goths, in their hostility, offer them. It merely provides a cop-out for those who are apparently not dedicated enough to occupy their time with protesting for rights which ensure that employment will be received eventually. These ideas which I have produced may appear to be radical in nature, although would not the adherents of a specific theology acknowledge the circumstances and strive vigorously against them? Goths are a marginalized culture, and there is no alternate manner of existing for them. Goth is apparently not some preposterous trend, replete with almost farcical lubrigiousity. And there ARE indeed an entire plethora of Goths exterior to the age bracket most frequently mentioned and should be revered for the commitment they have demonstrated without reserve, although unfortunately are regarded as ‘immature’ and it is almost inconceivable in the minds of the Others that one would maintain his or her position as a Goth beyond the age of 30, and those which do so are certainly regarded as being deficient in judgment.

I do not comprehend what it is that scenes provide for others in addition to a false, perhaps contrived, identity. You can most certainly imagine the sense of security a scene can offer, although what occurs for such individuals when it is that the scene expires due to excessive media exploitation or perhaps additional factors? Music scenes are quite susceptible to this, and therefore others should be cognizant of the fact that involvement practically guarantees the intrusion of the media upon their scene as corporations such as MTV are dedicated to attempting to locate what appeals to the ‘trendy’ variety and therefore shall eventually discover it. It is inevitable, and as a result one should merely engage him or her self into a scene if it is expected to be a temporary source of amusement for such a person. Although scenes are not necessarily particularly amusing due to elitism and persistent quarrelling. Attempting to contrive yourself in a manner which is exclusively intended to be distinct from the predominant current of thought is absurd. Avoiding what is mainstream deliberately is perceived of as ‘cool’ within scenes and as a result how ever could one regard others which are engaged within a scene as concerned with anything other than trivialities? The moment a scene receives a slight bit of interest from the media those supposed ‘indispensible’ members abandon the values which were essential to it and perhaps embrace the ideals of another.

I personally believe that Goths are a cultural minority which emphasizes pacifism, tolerance, introspection, spirituality, morality, intellectualism, aesthetics, individualism, creativity, high-brow culture, philosophy, as well as various beliefs, values, opinions, and ideas in response to such matters. Goths should often detest unreasonable social conventions to an intense degree, and should typically be characterized as indignant and engage in ‘insubordinate’ conduct rather than remain in accordance with standards of which are regarded as inconceivable to abide by, although it is evidently to prevent injustice on their behalf when supposed restrictions can easily be obnubilated with oppression. It is my form of Goth which shall continue to exist when this ludicrous social and music scene ceases. We are the minority, yet we shall function as preservers of an immortal culture. We must provide the foundation despite the fact that we do not appear to maintain influence. You must retain the fact that we are here, and we are dedicated and quite conservative (although not in relation to non-Gothic conservatives). When the youth are no longer engaged in Goth, it shall remain anyhow.

This is my vision of Goth - although there are many additional matters which require discussion pertaining to what exactly Goth is, and they shall certainly be addressed in due time. Goth is not an adolescent culture, at least, not the form I adhere to. Wikipedia does not even supply information pertaining to this unit, on the contrary, merely the unit I deviate from, although I am considering making revisions. For me, it is practically a religion, although I simply consider it a culture. The beliefs are not well established, yet certainly those within the notorious ‘scene’ are of a distinct unit to my obscure belief system, spiritual path, culture, and philosophy – and it is indeed established to an extent which supersedes the form of Goth responsible for youthful identity-seeking practices.

Goths should certainly consider the prevaling standards of beauty within the predominant current of thought to be absolutely outrageous. As a result, there should be no ‘ugly.’ All body types should be accepted as well as other physical differences. Those who are simply a bit peculiar in their thought processes and, as a result, are regarded unfavorably, should also be permitted to seek refuge within the culture. Magazines such as Gothic Beauty had immediately repulsed me, as every model had adhered to identical standards of beauty as that of the mainstream, yet were simply alternative in their mode of dress. These magazines should be deliberately avoided by ALL Goths.

Sexuality should remain a topic of concern for Goths. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people, those who practice BDSM as well as simply standard s*x…should continue to be accepted, which, in my opinion, Goths are doing quite well with.

In society, a darker mindset is discouraged, although Goths should understand that what is supposedly ‘insane’ behavior is actually the result of suppressed dark thoughts. Goths should assume that if darkness is expressed through art or poetry or there are simply more discussions regarding it, there will be no pent up rage or frustration which eventually results in destructive outbursts. This does not necessarily imply that Goths should merely concentrate on their darker nature, rather, they should simply emphasize it more, especially through aesthetics and creative pursuits, and Goths are continuing to maintain this as well. ‘Darkness’ itself is NOT contrary to morality, as it is simply an essential characteristic within us all which must be embraced. THAT is an accurate definition of a Gothic belief, I suppose.

I personally believe the more unconventional you appear to be, the more dedicated you are. Goth is certainly not about moderation, after all. Thick makeup, skulls, chains, spikes, piercings, and colored hair are, in my opinion, very beautiful as well as convey a willingness to be Gothic despite persecution and hardships. Conventional Goths should always remain quite ‘extreme’ in appearance and being this way shall also promote their self-expression, while moderation restricts it to merely being ‘edgy,’ and, if they are young, perhaps ‘cool.’ This is our cultural attire, and the aspects which shall most likely not be infultrated into society should be preserved, such as the makeup – which far exceeds ‘conventional’ limits, and as a result will always be considered ‘distasteful.’

Goth is NOT what it is that others are contriving into some contemporary adolescent-oriented trend. Goth is timeless, due to the fact that it emphasizes a classical, sophisticated manner of living. Victorianism and Romanticism are ardently embraced, as are animal rights and environmentalism in numerous instances. Self-advocacy within Goth should be requisite up to the interval of time of which we acquire influence, and the majority of countries recognize us as a cultural entity possessing authority. I implore upon you all to assist me in establishing the Gothic Culture as a genuine culture or perhaps spiritual path, rather than a diminishing adolescent trend.

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