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bra size.13-14 year olds .. please help :)

what is the normal bra size for a 13 - 14 year olds ?

ii want to get measured proply but ii dont really want to go into a store is ther any way ii can do it at home ?


and how old are you guys and what size are you ?

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What color make up should I wear with a dark purple dress?

I am going to my high school formal on saturday.I am wearing a long dark purple dress with silver heels. I have short black hair and light to medium toned skin. What color should I do my eyes? Nails? Lips?


I have gym first period !

I just got my schedule for school and found out I have gym for first prd. :( and thats bad because im going to be sweating ! so have you ever had that do recomend anythang I need like perfume or anythang its also going to mess up my make up / hai...


Why does using dandruff shampoo make my dandruff worse, and what else can I do?

I don't have bad dandruff, just a few flakes here and there that I hate. Also, there is more if I scratch my head or anything. When I use dandruff shampoo (head and shoulders, and other brands) I notice whenever my hair is dried, that my dandruff is mu...


When/ how often to shave?

I shave down there and every now and then, when the hair starts to grow out again I get the red bumps. It sucks really bad. Also I feel like I cant shave too often because it will leave more red bumps. any suggestions on how to shave like every other d...


What do I do if my tongue ring split my tongue a little?

I got my tongue done probably 5 days ago and I guess I pulled it or something and it split a little in the front and the ball of the ring kinda sinks down in my tongue is that bad and will it go away? Or should I just take it out? Annd is it normal for...


How can I get dimples when I smile?

So I have dimples, but I have to smile really weird and push out my lips far to get them.

This girl at my school has adorable dimples, they're very deep... and I want some better ones.
You look a little more charming with dimples in my opinion, so I ...

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Cartilage ear piercing should I twist it, or not and how to clean?

from people who actually know please:

I just got my piercing done today, and I want to know, should I twist it or not? number two, should I used the cleaning solution I got to clean it or something else? and when im deep conditioning my hair what shou...


How do you tell if your ear piercings are infected?

I got my left ear lobe pierced a third time (along with my cartilage) professionally a couple days ago. Today, my left ear hurts when I touch it and it feels like its throbbing. I've cleaned it with alcohol and rotated the earrings. Is it infected or i...


How soon after a cartilage piercing can I change the earring?

I got my ear pierced at a professional I know the gauge size of the post is bigger than a normal ear piercing. If I change the earring, will the hole become smaller and close up around it? I had my ear pierced a month ago on Thursday. When ...


Bad bleach job gone wrong!!!

My girlfriend bleached my hair 3 days ago/ big mess.I had been coloring it myself for over 4-5 years (MED BR). Looked great before. What was done: for 45 mins she put loreal high performance quick blue powder bleach mix with half bottle of loreal 40 vo...


How to get my eyebrows to grow back?

I am 14 and I plucked my eyebrows wayy to much about 2 years ago. I started growing them out a few weeks ago but now you can see all the little hairs that are growing back and it looks really bad but I dont want to pluck them again becuase they were wa...


What can I eat to make my chest bigger?

im 15 and I dont have the 'average' size in any other girl would, I want to be beautiful and look attractive.any advice on how to get bigger boobs? not just bra wise, I mean eating.u know how carrots make vision better.what can I eat that n...

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Shaveing down south.

Ok so I've been shaveing for a while just because I think it's super gross to be all bush and what not. But whenever I do shave my girly parts I get red bump right after im done... And the next day I have like.. Pimples where the hair was... How do I g...

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Spider bite lip piercing

I got the spider bite lip piercing done 2 days ago and I love um, it didnt hurn or anything no real bad swelling and no brusing when I woke up this morning the left side of my mouth was swollen around the inside of the stud, only in the inside, its not...


What will happen when I get my nose done?

Im getting my nose pierced soon, and I've always wondered if some of these rumours are as true as they seem. If the needle hits a nerve:

#1 Will the whole side of my face become paralysed?

#2 If it does hit a nerve, then if I take out the nose stud, ...


How do I smooth out rough skin on vagina due to shaving?

Hi I made the mistake of shaving my pubic hair and because it's very sensitive the area darkened. Also I notice that I have razor bumps that did not completely go away. It looks really rough instead of smooth like the rest of my skin. Now because of th...


How do you hide a tongue piercing?

I got my tongue pierced about 2 months ago, but took it out after 6 days because my parents didn't approve.

Now I'm studying abroad at a relative's, and I want my tongue pierced again w/out my aunt and uncle noticing (or else my parents will eventua...


My daughters breasts are very large

I have 2 daughters, 12 and 9, both of them have quite large breasts for their ages, which is a little unusual because mine are smaller. My eldest daughter wears a 34E and my youngest is in a 32C, my breasts are only 32B.
Its just they are both asking q...


Does a cartilage piercing hurt?

Ok, I am probably gonna get my cartilage pierced today. My mom said she didn't wanna drive very far, so we gotta just go to claires. Is that a good place to go? people say needles are better, but I HATE THEM!:( Also, aren't guns faster? ok, um, im 12-1...


Shaving down there to wear a cute bathing suit going to camp and this year they only allow us to wear one pieces so I went to old navy to find one and it was so cute but it showed that area down there like how it shows on that model.. I want to remove that hair thats down there but I dont...


What's this hard white area around my tongue piercing?

I had my tongue pierced about a month and a half ago and after a couple of weeks it developed a raced white area only in the front of the ring that is hard and sensitive, even the inside of the hole feels hard, it looks like a volcano in shape, I don't...


Happy trail growing back disgusting

God I feel so gross.. I feel like a man..
I made the stupid decision to shave my happy trail for about a year now..and I've doing it ever since,but for no reason! I don't know..there was never even anything there..and now it just grows back thick like ...


What do full lips mean?

Hello..well a while ago I asked a question about big lips... I got all 12 positive answeres most said guys prefer big lips..well at school, why du boys take tha p outta them then ? Theres this girl shes also got big lips yes isnt thaa prettiest person ...

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How do you get rid of a huge nose!

Im 13 years and I cant have platic surgery, or can I. This bothers me so bad that my nose is so big. My nose is really really big. I am sure my nose is why im so ugly, because I have pretty big eyes and beatiful big lips and a cute face and cheeks but ...

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