Should I get a nose stud, a lip ring, or an eyebrow piercing?

I have 3 piercings in my left lobe, 2 piercings in my right lobe, and 1 upper conch piercing in my left ear.

Answer #1

i think you would look cute with a nose stud:)

Answer #2

Thanks! which side? I’m planning on getting 2/3 of the choices I mentioned, I’m just wondering which I should do first.

Answer #3

I think the nose wud look best

Answer #4

I agree with Justa Pickle, a nose would look really good on you. Definitely not lip or eyebrow, you look better without :)

Answer #5


Answer #6

thank you! Which side? or does it not matter?

Answer #7

I think the right side

Answer #8

its doesnt really matter the side its on

Answer #9

Thanks! I’ve been debating an eyebrow piercing for a while, but I don’t pluck my eyebrows so that’s more a passing fancy :P A lip ring is more what I was stuck between, but if people said lip, I would have to ask Monroe or lower ring, and mum would probably kill me (or rip it out) XD.

Answer #10

nose is better but u can still try d eyebrow

Answer #11

ok thanks!

Answer #12

ok, thanks! Preference towards which side? I’m thinking right for a nose piercing, but my right ear is more…flashy (right word? The piercings are more noticeable) so it might be too much on that side.

Answer #13

do it based on the way your hair parts. if your hair parts on the right side of your head, pierce the left side of your nose. and vice versa. if you hair parts in the middle, either side would look good:)

Answer #14

ok, I was leaning towards my right side, but like I said on Gareth Nkem’s comment, it might be too much on one side of my face

Answer #15

Nose, on the side your facing in this photo. I don’t think eyebrow would look good on you, & lip is okay.

Answer #16

if av pierc ur right ear (hope its three piercing cos its more sexy) then u should pierc ur left nose. And if u goin to pierc ur eyebrow it should be the right…

Answer #17

XD yes, it’s 3. And thank you! I have 3 in both ear, but I have a cartilage piercing in my right. That’s why it’s flashier.

Answer #18

Thank you! And I know eyebrow isn’t my piercing (just a passing fancy I decided to put down last second). Would you recommend a ring or just a stud in my lip?

Answer #19

Nose. :) Right side!

Answer #20

you dont need any stud. you look extremely beautiful and attractive

Answer #21

I agree with Justa Pickle… def nose stud :D

Answer #22

Thank you!

Answer #23


Answer #24

thank you!!! side preference?

Answer #25

My nose ring is on the right. But The way I decided was the side you part your hair on. I part my hair on the right, so thats the side I got it pierced.

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