Is breast binding bad?

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sounds scary, then must be bad lol

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I don't see how it can be good for you. certainly its cuts of some circulation around your breast area as well.

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What is that, exactly? Do you do it? Are big breasts

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They aren't ugly I'm just cross dressing for a day

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what i breast binding.. im sorry i dont knoww... :(

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no it wont hurt you

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No, it won't hurt if you're doing it for a day. I have a friend who does it and it doesn't hurt/ won't hurt you as long as you don't do it TOO tight, though I realize it does have to be pretty tight to actually bind the chest. She always binds her chest pretty tightly, but also makes a big effort to wear really baggy shirts around her chest area, so as to give herself a bound chest without having to completely bind her chest so she can't breathe xD Good luck :)

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really bad thing i must say

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