How do you take care of oily skin?

I was my face before school and take all the excess oil off, but by 3rd period, my face is shiny again. Any tips?

Answer #1

You can buy blotting sheets at the store that will remove excess oil while you’re at school.

Answer #2

1st you gotta find out if your skin is oily because of being way to dry (as i am sure u know if u strip to much of the natural oils off ur skin it produces more oil) or is it oily cuz well its oily like Med- large porse and is your whole face oily or just your T-zone in wich you skin would be COMBONATION type.

If you have oily skin due to acne or just cuz its oily from being oily

I recomend DR Lewins Medic Range for Acne Skin

Their Oil Control Clenser

    "             " Day lotion
    '               " Night lotion

Also buy a good quality scrub and Toner (non alcoholic toner is best)

Answer #3

Also you can carry around a smal fallanel cloth or face washer….and use it to blot your face….I do this way cuz blotting paper is way expensive lol

(this method is if u wear no make up)

Answer #4

I would keep washing my face, and make sure that any makeup or face products that you use are complitly oil free sence your face seems to create its own oil. Make sure you also use lotions, that are oil free to keep it clean and oil free.

Answer #5

I’d recommend getting “Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets”. My skin isn’t super oily most of the time unless I spend a whole day out or something, but I have tried this product, and it does work very well.They’re the only oil absorbing sheets I’ve ever tried that remove oil without messing up makeup. If you do decide to get it, just make sure that you gently pat it (not rub) all over your face. Here is a link with reviews on the product:

Answer #6

Eat less oily/fatty foods in general. To substitute your cooking oils, use olive, sunflower, corn, or soy oils in cooking, as they are good sources of tocopherol (vitamin E) which makes your skin happy and clean. Too much animal-derived fats and oils (butter, milk, chocolate, cheese, and all manner of meats) will often increase the amount of bodily sebaceous oil produced by your pores.

Answer #7

Put rosewater- believe me, it works great

Answer #8

this is a good question and i myself used to have really oily skin. what you first need to do is drink lots of water. you might think ‘’how does this help’’ but it helps with alot of things! (: second you should wash you face with soap or a cleanser every morning and just before you go to bed. you shouldnt wear alot of foundation because this could make it worse. if you do then get a foundation that is for oily skin. 3rd) you shouldn’t touch your skin alot because this could put bacteria on your face. just wash your face 2/3 times a day and you should be good to go :)

Answer #9

you should wash your face regularly and use lemon juice

Answer #10

ever tried BB cream ?

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