What toothpaste will help make my teeth white?

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It actually doesn't depend on the toothpaste, it depends on the toothbrush. Select a toothbrush with hard bristles and brush in an up-down stroke pattern, don't brush sideways.

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Any toothpaste really. I use Toms toothepaste, it works better than any other Ive tried and is all natural. Using mouthwash will also help whiten your teeth. And as Andrew said, it also depends on the toothbrush, get one with hard thick and thin bristles.

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But it hurts your teeth using it everyday and can hurt your gums as well using a hard brush.

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No, it doesn't. I have been using hard bristled brushes ever since I was born.

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It will I am sure. :P LOL Andrew don't forget how young you still are.

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NO!!!!!! DO NOT USE A HARD BRISTLE BRUSH!!! It wears away the tooth enamel and exposes the dentin layer, which aside from problems with tooth decay, is yellow, and definately not going to make your teeth whiter. Use a soft brush and brush gently. Make sure you clean everyehere, but dont scrub. Look for a toothpaste that has whitening components.

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I like Crest 3 D White, but I don't use it everytime. I alternate between it and a "regular" toothpaste.

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Colgate 'extra white' :)

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I just use baking soda and peroxide with my toothpaste =) I also use mouthwash for whiting my teeth and having a "clean" feeling and flossing helps too =)

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I use colgate makes my teeth white.

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I use Colgate and I preferred plain white. Or See your dentist for him to help you and give advice.

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Told you Andrew! :P

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