Can I use body lotion as face moisturizer?

Can I use unscented non- greasy body lotion as a face moisturizer?

Answer #1

Yes it should work the same.

Answer #2

I do and it works just fine

Answer #3

NO! Absolutely NOT! The skin on your face is very very different than the skin on the rest of your body. It’s thinner and needs a much LIGHTER moisturizer than a heavy body lotion.

Answer #4

Depends in the lotion really.

Most will be alright though if it mentions rub on neck at least that is what I’ve found however I also only use organic ones and ones from the health food store that are chemical free and only natural fragerences.

Answer #5

Yes it can be as long as it doesn’t irritate your face. It depends on your skin.

Answer #6

Yes you can use. But it may depend up on the complexion of the skin and the type of lotion. Cuz some lotion may cause damage to the skin and sometimes it may suit also.

Answer #7

Fine but It will be a bit sticky on your face though.

Answer #8

Yes you can. I use body lotion on me mush and its got some aloe vera in it or summet.

Let’s face it, you face is part of your body.

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