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Women preferrence men cologne

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Women's Perfume

Whats some of the best (nicest smelling) women's perfumes out there.

Looking for a present and generally its safe to go with what the best sellers are so any advice would be appreciated.


Meeting a Women at a Shop

Yesterday I met a Women while I was shopping for christmas and in just a few minutes we became friends!Today she has called me for dinner! Should I go or not!I don't even know her properly!


Where can I buy Umbro Ice cologne?

I'm from America, and I can't seem to find Umbro ice cologne anywhere. I tried online but all the sites won't ship out of the UK.


Where is a good place to find a womens snowboard?

My wife is taking up snowboarding and I would like to find her a good deal somewhere. Any clue as to where to start looking?


Where can I find these shoes in a women's size 9?

Hey, can someone help me find these shoes in a size 9 womens??? please!

they are:
Dunk High Premium SB Metallic Silver Nike


What is the best smelling cologne??

I am looking for a new cologne to start wearing. I am trying to switch up from what I have been wearing for awhile. I would like to get a womens opinion on the subject. I normaly wear curve or BKE but I want someting different.


Good cologne Any recommendations?

Hey, I'm thinking about buying a good smelling cologne but don't want to spend too much, or too little. Any recommendations? (I guess price should be around $30? *shruG*)


What boy size would be a medium in women's?

anything btwn XS-2XL, wanna buy some sweat pants but they only have the ones i want in boy sizes (not women, junior or men.) those are it in case it helps a bit


Are there any workwear websites that carry bibs and coveralls for women that will send to Canada?

I am having a hard time finding bibs and coverall brands that make women sizes. Coveralls seem to be the hardest... Do they even exist?


How good is holllister Cologne?

I keep hearing from everyone I talk to that the best colonge to buy is Jake from Hollister. I just want to know if its the best. If not what is? Waht about it makes it smell so good?


Where do women with very small feet find heels?

I need a 4.5 in womens shoes, and ive been looking everywhere but literally no one sells shoes that small. Do you know of any place in Massachusetts that would sell that size?


What do men like paintings of for a gift?

Im making a painting for a friend of mine for his birthday... do you think thats a good gift? do guys like paintings. its not that big though...??? he is turning 22, and is artsy


Where on earth can I buy red authentic women's size 4 Van's shoes?

i have looked on literally every website and cannot find a pair. size 4, red authentic vans?
please help me!


Lightweight women's winter jacket

Where can I find a lightweight women's winter jacket. So far everything I see is very bulky and seems heavy. I would like to find something that is warm but also very light, but will protect me from the snow and wind.


Where to find size 12 shoes in womens?

I just hit a growth spurt and got taller and my feet got bigger I gotta wear size 12 shoes in womens and I don't know where to find them...where could I buy size 12 shoes in womens? And is size 12 feet big for a 13 yr old?


Does anyone know where to find women basketball shoes in Malaysia?

It's very hard 2 find... Especially when I'm only sized 5. Can anyone help? and please... no links to buy from the internet... Thxx...


Why do women buy so many types of handbags?

Why do women buy so many types of handbags? My wife's aunt was asking about some kind of prada or gucci hand bag - or was it a tote bag or shoulder? Who's idea was it to have so many different styles and types?

Imho, it's a conspiracy to get women t...


Where Can I Buy A Womens Superman Top And Hoodie From (UK)?

Basically, I Just Want To Know Where I Can Buy A Womens Superman Hoodie And T-Shirt From Because I Think They're Really Cool!
Im From The United Kindom.
Please Reply . . . . Anyone!


Where to find appropriate eyeshadow for 45+ women?

Almost every eyeshadow in the drug stores (all I can afford right now) are shiny. Is some shine appropriate and what colors are best? I just bought mauve, purples and greens. Was that a mistake? Thanks


Where can I find the height/weight chart of a women's dress size from U.K to US?

Let's say if a women from the U.K is 5'5-5'6" and is 22 years old and her weight fluctuates from a size 6 to 10..where can I find this information..if a women is 5'7" and wears size 4 what would her dress size their a site I can find this?


Where can I buy or read x-men comics?

I live in saskatchewan and I was just wondering if there is anywhere I can buy the x-men comics (and I mean some of the very first in the whole series) or like, if I can read them online or something. I like the x-men movies, but I'd like to read the c...


what perfume do women want the most?

My buddy is trying to shop for a late gift for his girl and he is thinking perfume, but he doesn't really have a sense of smell. I haven't ever bought any perfumes so you are all getting the question. I really don't care which one women like the most...


What's a good site to buy a pair of moderate, casual, durable men's shoes?

I guess something kinda retro yet classy, but not Sketchers or basketball shoes. And no bright colors. Basically I don't want anyone drawn to my feet.


For traditional women wear the best online store is unnatisilks

Most of the women would like to prefer saree orelse salwar kameez only few people choose others costumes.unnatisilks that offers the latest varietys an different fabrics and also provides free shipment


Where do petite women find clothes?

I'm not looking to spend a zillion dollars, I just need to find business/dressy clothes and nice heels for a decent price. Macy*s and Old Navy are too big for me I'm looking for an online store that sells clothes for people 5' and under. If you have an...


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