What stores can i buy cheap, straight legged jeans?

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Forever 21 is pretty cheap or Target.

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Kmart. Selena Gomez Dream Out Loud collection! I wear them, they are cheap, and comfortable!!!

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American eagle has some too! That's wear i buy all my jeans:) The stretchy ones are really comfy.

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If you have a mall near you, you are bound to find those type of jeans.

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jc pennies. they have changed everything to half off for ever

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My wife finds her's at Ross or other similar outlet discount stores. Sometimes they are a bit hit and miss on what they have, but just keep checking back.

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TJ Maxx or Marshall's if they have those where you live! Department fashion stores always have last last last season super high end designer jeans under $20.

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Aeropostle has good sales for jeans right now

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