Where would I look to buy a pair of shorts with suspenders (more)?

I don’t want the suspenders seperately that you clip on, nor do I want the type that’s stitched into the shorts. I was looking for the type that comes off of the pants but is paired with the shorts usually with a button or a loop of some sort.

Answer #1

I think you should ask Ludgate to make you a pair. . (:

Answer #2

Colleen makes shorts? :O

Answer #3

well she makes dresses. I’m sure she could style you up a pair shorts w/suspenders. & it they would be one of a kind. I bet she could.

Answer #4

Haha, that would be so awe some XD if only.

Answer #6

Thank youu. I shall go in store :D when I’m not too lazy to xD

Answer #7

You’re welcome lol :p

Answer #8

You should try finding one at a local thrift shop.

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