Does anyone know where to get a Fluttershy costume?

Im gonna be her for Halloween can u get it at Party City??

Answer #1

My daughter is obsessed with “My little Pony” and we sit together and watch it because Im that kind of dad. :D The newer generation from The Hub channel. I think they may have it at party city or at Amazon. But since you still have time maybe you can get somebody to make it for you and saw it together. Maybe use a pattern from a different outfit but make it look like Fluttershy. Don’t forget the cutie mark!!

Answer #2

*sew it together. (I think I spelled that wrong)

Answer #3

thanks for the advice

Answer #4

You are welcome :)

Answer #5

Something like this!

Answer #6

You get this type costume , you can go online shopping and get multiple selection.

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