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Is Plato's Closet a good place to shop for "scene" clothes?

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Ok, so, tomorrow is my one and only day I get to go shopping for school this year, and I don't want to waste my time on a store I'm no going to like..  So, guys, I was wondering If you could let me in on if the store Plato's Closet is right for me.  My style or taste isn't at all girly, and I don't go for all the pink and stuff.  If you want a label on what I like I guess it would be "scene" or better known as "emo" (including: Skinny jeans, dark and insulating clothing, also bright, fun and outgoing clothing, etc, etc.)  I would really be irritated If I walked into the store expecting to come out with all these awesome band T's and stuff, but only find, boring, not-my-taste clothes.  Also, I was wondering of the store really was cheap, well, discounted?  

Any help please?