Who likes to shop at Aeropostale?

Answer #1

Me lol

Answer #2

I don’t like to but my daughter does :-)

Answer #3

I shop alot. Especially at aeropostale.

Answer #4

I shop alot. Especially at aeropostale.

Answer #5

I don’t. I call stores like that the “thin” people stores. No offense to anyone who shops there. Isn’t that one of the stores that don’t hire heavy people? Or maybe that’s hollister. I don’t know. I just know people stare at me when I go in there and I’m not that heavy! :-)

Answer #6

i have only shopped there once, bought two pairs of jeans. i still have those jeans so i wouldnt bad mouth aero but i dont have any need to go back.

Answer #7

i heard about that skinny for hire thing too but all my cute chubby girls shop there all the time d; they look at you because they are envious

Answer #8

i do!

Answer #9

I dont, the clothing is really cheap and uncomfy.

Answer #10


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